Family almost drowned in Lake Constance due to storm

Family almost drowned in Lake Constance due to storm

A four-year-old, her aunt and her uncle were rescued from Lake Constance at the last minute. The water police discovered the family by accident.

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It was only thanks to a lucky coincidence that a four-year-old girl, her aunt and uncle were saved from drowning in Lake Constance. The three of them had been on a motorboat on Wednesday morning near Überlingen together with the four-year-old’s little sister and the grandparents, as the police announced.

The four-year-old then went into the water with her 37-year-old aunt when suddenly a storm came up. When the wife’s 39-year-old husband noticed that she and the little niece could not make it into the boat in the heavy swell, he jumped after.

The water police only discovered the people fighting for their lives because they were on their way to a sailing boat with a broken mast because of another emergency. At that time, the 39-year-old only kept the little girl afloat with difficulty. The rescuers were able to get out of the completely exhausted Bodensee pull. All three were in shock.

The police announced that there was already a storm warning for Lake Constance and advised that they should be observed. People shouldn’t underestimate the situation.

This Wednesday it is very windy in many places in Germany. Storm low “Kirsten” is currently pulling across the country. Numerous trees were uprooted, there were road and road closures.


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