‘Finishing Dune on time will be a race against time’

'Finishing Dune on time will be a race against time'

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The coronavirus pandemic having hit the world of cinema in the face, Denis Villeneuve does not hide that finishing the filming of ‘Dune’ on time will be a laborious adventure.

The adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel is slated for release next December, but its director has admitted that a few takes still need to take place in order to refine the film.

According to IndieWire, the Canadian filmmaker said: “We were just about to finish filming … the movie was almost done. ‘Dune’ was shot in an unusual way, as we shot the main scenes and then I went back up. some parts of the film on my side and I was planning to shoot other scenes a little later to readjust the whole thing. I needed time, and it was a luxury that I could afford (before the pandemic, editor’s note). .. the virus hit the United States as we were about to shoot these scenes. ”

The lockdown situation also meant the director had to work on special effects and remote editing, which was a tall order.

He continues: “It destroyed my schedule. It will be a race against time to finish the film on time. We were allowed to resume filming and we will be shooting the final scenes in a few weeks. had to finish certain aspects of the film, like special effects and editing, while I was in Montreal and my crew was in Los Angeles. ”

If ‘Dune’ does come out in December, spectators will be able to find a veritable parterre of stars. The cast of the film is indeed stellar, including names such as Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, and Jason Momoa.


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