Flordelis appears in video collecting witness about swing house

Flordelis appears in video collecting witness about swing house

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Congresswoman Flordelis, accused of having her husband killed, pastor Anderson do Carmo, appeared in a video charging the witness who appointed her as a regular at a swing club in Bara da Tijuca, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. The images were published on Wednesday night, 26.

In investigations, the police are considering the possibility of Flordelis have gone with her husband in a swing house, in Botafogo, South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, on the night of the crime.

Flordelis appears in the video angrily demanding from a person, whom she calls Carlinha, the footage in which she would appear in the swing house. “But I didn’t, no, lindona. And you will have to show the footage, my face, my voice, euzinha, very clear in the footage, me in the swing house. Okay, Carlinha ?! You will have to have a shoot. Okay, my love? If I were you, I would start going to Barra now, at the swing house to look for this footage now. Because if you don’t have a little video of mine ”, said the deputy

“And one more thing, there has to be a little video I drunk, drunk, loaded. Because if you don’t, my love, you’re going to have to pay me for moral damages. You have money, right? Start cleaning! You have money, right? Sell ​​everything you have in your home. You have money, right? You will have to pay me for moral damages ”, said Flordelis, shouting, in the video that was retrieved and posted on Instagram ‘Come get me Hebe’.

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Understand the Flordelis case

The Civil Police and the MP-RJ (Rio de Janeiro Public Prosecutor’s Office) denounced federal deputy Flordelis (PSD-RJ) as the mastermind behind the murder of her husband, Pastor Anderson do Carmo, who died in 2019.

For having a privileged forum, the parliamentarian will not be arrested now. Another ten people were also charged with the crime.

The investigation concluded that Pastor Anderson was killed for financial reasons and power in the family, since he controlled all the money of the Ministry Flordelis, today renamed the Evangelical City of Fire.

According to investigations, Flordelis had been planning Anderson’s death since 2018. According to the police, before the shooting murder, Flordelis tried to kill her husband at least four times – once with doses of arsenic in the food.

On the morning of August 24, police officers from the Homicide Police Station in Niterói, São Gonçalo, Itaboraí and Maricá (DHNSGI) and the MP-RJ carry out nine arrest warrants and 14 search and seizure warrants at addresses linked to Mrs Flordelis in Niterói, São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília. Five children of the parliamentarian and a granddaughter were arrested.

Pastor Anderson do Carmo was killed on the night of June 16, 2019 with more than 30 shots in the garage of the house where he lived with his family in Pendotiba, Niterói. For the police, the intention to kill him was evidenced, without Anderson having the chance to react.

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