Ford Transit Custom Nugget (2020) test: charming camper

Ford Transit Custom Nugget (2020) test: charming camper

Ford Transit Custom Nugget - Photo Laurent Pinel

© Provided by Auto Moto
Ford Transit Custom Nugget – Photo Laurent Pinel

The Ford Transit Custom is entitled to a conversion in a converted van, with beds and a kitchenette. Here is the Nugget, a real invitation to travel.

Essai Ford Transit Custom Nugget – Having a good kitchen is not enough to make a good meal. It is not enough to have a powerful car to be a good driver. And having a great campervan isn’t enough to have a great weekend either. You have to know how to do it.

If perfect cooking and a line trajectory require some knowledge and a lot of practice, the same goes for camping.

Parking at the end of the port of Barfleur is, for example, a bad idea. Even with the new Transit Custom Nugget, an attractive and accessible novelty in Ford dealerships, to compete with Volkswagen California and Mercedes Marco Polo, as well as all the small converted vans offered by the specialists.

Bad idea, then? Yes, because this parking lot is on a gentle slope. And because all the tourists come to turn around here, at the bottom of this cul-de-sac. Also because the young people of the area come late to taste pizzas and drink beers, which they call the “roteuses”, and we quickly understand why.

And finally, the end of the end, we do not settle here on a Saturday evening when the high tide, on Sunday, is programmed at 5 am and that all the amateurs of sea fishing come to put in the water, just there, their little boat. “Are you okay Michel? – Impeccable! Hope it will bite. ”

This is what not to do if you want to have a good night’s sleep aboard the Nugget, a name that can be translated as “nugget”. Because this van the development was entrusted to Westfalia has, like its competitors, an easily deployable roof (manually), which forms a sort of tent and houses a bed for two (138 x 200 cm).

The comfortable bedding, taking advantage of an extremely compact box spring, made of plastic cups, generates a surprising and delicious softness. You can also read a book before going to sleep, thanks to two small reading lights. It is accessed from the back, on the kitchen side, using a very small ladder.

Ford Transit Custom Nugget

© Provided by Auto Moto
Ford Transit Custom Nugget

Downstairs, on the ground floor, two adults can also sleep, thanks to a bench that can be handled with a handle and provides a bed (size 130 x 191 cm), with the head just behind the front seats. This sliding bench, which hides ample storage, has one advantage: it accommodates three seat belts when that of a California, for example, has only two.

The comparison with the much more expensive Volkswagen stops there. German, more luxurious, completely stifles its utilitarian origins. On board the Ford, it is less obvious: the driving position, the quality of the materials and the sound of the 2.0 diesel 185 hp engine leave little room for doubt.

The location of the steering wheel, general ergonomics and even driving pleasure remain a tone below. However, it drives easily and is not unpleasant: the Nugget remains a wonderful traveler packed with tricks, which gives desire for adventure and is much less restrictive, and less expensive, than a “real” motorhome.

It has a multitude of tips and storage strewn throughout the huge cabin. There is thus, as standard or as an option, a stationary heating with timer, an external shower, an XXL mosquito net that slides along the side door, in order to sleep in the fresh air without being devoured, and many lights here. and there.

The touchscreen on-board computer and the SYNC 3 system serve as a WiFi terminal, to which ten devices can be connected. Cupboards at the back, accessible from the outside, via the boot, but also from the inside on the kitchen side, allow you to hide just about everything you need for a weekend.

Ford Transit Custom Nugget

© Provided by Auto Moto
Ford Transit Custom Nugget

Including provisions, since a small refrigerator (40 liters) which can contain a good dozen “roteuses” takes place near the two-burner gas stove, itself adjoining the sink supplied by a tank of clean water of 42 liters. And when the roof is up, you stand in this kitchenette.

While one is busy cooking, the other prepares the table by going through the thin corridor connecting the kitchen to the living room if it is necessary to have lunch inside, on the articulated table between the bench and the front seats , who turn around. It is also possible to sit outside, under the crank awning.

But here, no folding chairs hidden in the tailgate, as at Volkswagen. There is, however, a small outdoor table. But to sit down, it is advisable to use the folding chairs lost in the mess of bags which, after two days, are created on board, for lack of a real safe.

Storage and habits progress over time, when a few automatisms take hold, such as leaving the blinds obscuring the glazed surfaces accessible, to be fixed by means of suction cups, which together with the curtains help to keep the entire passenger compartment in the interior. darkness. Clearly, once you understand where to park to bivouac, you can spend an excellent weekend, with your family, aboard the Nugget.

In short, this van scented with the flower of the fields is a credible alternative to motorhomes, these large machines being served by their price, their weight and their size, which prevents them for example from entering the city center. Be careful, however: if it is less than 5 meters long, the Nugget is high: it reaches 2.06 meters.

Ford Transit Custom Nugget

© Provided by Auto Moto
Ford Transit Custom Nugget

A detail not to be overlooked when approaching the car parks, under penalty of scratching … the bedspread. However, this height did not prevent the Transit from passing the motorway tolls in category 1 (that of cars), and therefore from paying the “normal” tariff.

As for those who are still looking for the little corner… There is none. But Ford has just introduced the “Big Nugget”, an elongated version called the Nugget Plus, which this time has an integrated toilet and a pull-out sink. Arrival expected in the first quarter of 2021.

Ford Transit Custom Nugget test: our opinion

Serious competitor of VW California, the Nugget provides the same services but is displayed at much more attractive prices. Enough to attract a clientele unattracted by the more luxurious aspects of the Volkswagen.

WE love

  1. Practical aspects and habitability
  2. Price / performance ratio
  3. Well thought out layout
  4. Comfort of superior bedding

We like less

  1. Height greater than 2 meters
  2. Utility Finishing
  3. Imperfect soundproofing
  4. No real safe

Fiche technique (Ford Transit Custom Nugget)

  • Engine: front, 4-cylinder, diesel, turbo
  • Transmission: traction, automatic, 6 speed
  • Horsepower (hp @ rpm): 185 to 3,500
  • Couple (Nm) : 415
  • Empty weight (kg): nc
  • Long.xlarg.xhaut. (m) : 4,97×1,99×2,06
  • Turning diameter (m): 11.6
  • Standard tires: 215/65 R 16
  • Conso. combined WLTP (l / 100 km): 8.2
  • CO2 (g / km): 214
  • Malus: 0 € (exemption)
  • Warranty: 2 years / unlimited mileage
  • Fiscal power: 9 CV
  • Base rate: € 51,900 (130 ch)
  • Price of the tested version: 56,350 €


Transit Custom Nugget 2.0 EcoBlue 130 ch (7 CV) : 51 900 €

Transit Custom Nugget 2.0 EcoBlue 185 ch (9 CV) : 54 550 €

Transit Custom Nugget 2.0 EcoBlue 185 ch BVA (9 CV) : 56 350 €


  • Reversing camera: 550 €
  • GPS : 960 €
  • Blind spot monitoring: € 240
  • Alarm: 360 €
  • Lane keeping aid: 420 €
  • Metallic paint: 660 €
  • Xenon headlights: 540 €
  • Heated windshield: 216 €


  • Volkswagen California, from € 50,420
  • Mercedes Marco Polo, from € 66,908

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