Frio will remain firm this week in Belo Horizonte

Frio will remain firm this week in Belo Horizonte

© Alexandre Guzanshe / EM / DA Press

Prepare the coats and blankets, as the cold continues in Belo Horizonte. This Sunday, the thermometers reached 11 ° C in the capital of Minas Gerais. On Monday, the minimum is around 10ºC. According to National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) the weather will remain cold, with a drop in temperature reaching 9 ° C on Wednesday (5/8). The winds will remain weak and unchanged and the humidity will remain at an average of 50%, with no chance of rain. The sky will have few clouds.

After last week having registered higher temperatures than expected for this time of year, the sensation of cold prevails in Belo Horizonte in the coming days due to a increased cloud cover which started last Saturday, the first day of August.

A maximum this Monday it should stay at 24ºC during the afternoon. On Tuesday, the low can reach 10 ° C.


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