Globalia will reduce its planes by 20% to adapt to the fall in air traffic due to the coronavirus

Globalia will reduce its planes by 20% to adapt to the fall in air traffic due to the coronavirus

He holding Globalia Corporación Empresarial plans to reduce its fleet by about 20%, as published The confidential citing financial sources that it has not identified, with which the group would be seeking to adapt to falling air traffic.

So, Globalia would aim to leave land forever or return between 12 and 14 aircraft, of the 66 with which it now has between 54 and 52, in a year in which Air Europa plans to lose some 380 million euros due to the coronavirus crisis and Globalia nearly 600 million.

At once, the group is in talks with Iberia, which wants to buy it for around 500 million euros, after considering that it is no longer worth the 1 billion he had offered for her in November.

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Air Europa traffic is falling sharply, Because it depends above all on its transatlantic routes – last year, they accounted for two thirds of its seats -, so the group seeks to adapt.

The airline would also be renegotiating with Boeing its commitments to deliver new aircraft, the same medium has highlighted.

Iberia already announced in June that its fleet will be smaller for the next 5 years due to the coronavirus crisis, again, based on the drop in traffic you’re experiencing and that you don’t expect to pick up anytime soon.

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For its part, Air Europa pays around 220 million annually to rent the planes it uses.

Globalia, the group that includes said airline, the Halcón Viajes agency and the Be Live hotel chain, is asking the government for help. to overcome these months of crisis.


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