Good prints for Young Boys and Servette

Good prints for Young Boys and Servette


The Young Boys, reigning Swiss champions, will face in Bern the winner of the match between the Faroese of Klaksvik and the Slovaks of Slovan Brastislava in the second qualifying round for the C1.

For his part, Servette will face the Slovak Ruzomberok. The game will take place on August 27 in Geneva. The duel is played over a single game behind closed doors.

The draw in Nyon allowed the Bernese to host their future opponent on August 25 or 26 at Wankdorf. A definite advantage even if the game will take place behind closed doors.

Young Boys has competed against Slovan in the past. The last clashes go back six years. On the occasion of the group stage of the 2014-2015 Europa League, the Swiss champion won both matches, 5-0 at home and 3-1 in Slovakia.

The formation of Klaksvik is not totally unknown in Switzerland. Last summer, the Faroese faced off against Lucerne in qualifying for the Europa League. Celestini’s men, not yet in post at that time, had won 1-0 in both matches.

A long road awaits the Young Boys, if they want to make it to the Champions League group stage, which kicks off in October. If the Bernese pass this second round against Klaksvik or Slovan Bratislava, they will still have to pass a third qualifying round and a jump-off to finish.

Like the Young Boys, Servette will have the chance to host for her entry into European competitions. The draw named him MFK Ruzomberok, sixth in the regular season of the Slovakian Championship but who won his place in Europe in the play-offs. They were finally placed third.


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