Goodbye Ferrari for Vettel, immediately (Aston awaits him so much): even no

Goodbye Ferrari for Vettel, immediately (Aston awaits him so much): even no


The post-Covid world is largely uninterested in F1. Old and rich sport in vogue until a few years ago, it was the maximum symbol of motorsport linked to everyday life, in the last century. However, when it comes to storms in Ferrari… When “the pilot jumps” who is still someone who has won World Championships and had arrived to win others, in red. The artfully ventilated news is that Sebastian Vettel could definitely get off the Ferrari car before the end of the season.

Not impossible, not even unprecedented, especially when the Drake was in charge. If we were in the times where F1 was a popular sport followed by everyone, even without the Commendatore, we would have even had a possible Italian substitute ready to lead the Red, supporting Leclerc.

But yet another is not enough disappointment, for fans of the German overshadowed by the young companion and various factors. Additions may be enough tensions, with not too loving statements between rider and team? Bah, not even.

It’s not convenient. And then, do we really see him so well and better than Seb, Giovinazzi passing from Biscione to Cavallino? Again, the pros and cons seem balanced towards the conservative choice.

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