“Goodbye Olympics … I choose the family”


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Tania Cagnotto announces her retirement for a very sweet reason: she is pregnant again. The world gold medal diver of the trampoline, formerly Olympic silver and bronze, renounces the Tokyo 2021 Olympics because, for the second time, she is pregnant: “He is a wanted child,” she says. “I let things happen. If it happened it means that it had to go like this ”. Tania plunges into her summer of love with her husband Stefano Parolin and their daughter Maya, 2 years old – FOTO PRIVATE | VIDEO 1 | VIDEO 2

Tania Cagnotto sweet mother with Maya: never seen like this – EXCLUSIVE

THE LOCKDOWN – It would be her sixth Olympics, her first as a mom. But the coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown changed everything. Married to Stefano Parolin and already Maya’s mother, just 2 years old, Tania was training with her friend Francesca Dallapè, with whom she would compete in synchro. And he also aimed at the individual: “Francesca and I were training well, the mechanisms of the movements were returning. Then the pandemic and quarantine, which no one thought was that long. We are two athletes of 35 and 34, returning from pregnancies: returning would not have been easy. Sensitivity with water, physical shape, synchronisms: during the lockdown, far from the pool, we lost everything “.

Tania Cagnotto, a beautiful mother and… preparing for the Olympics! – LOOK

THE DECISION – Tania tells the Corriere della Sera, to which she explains how the decision to move Tokyo to 2021 due to a pandemic was certainly inevitable “but for me it was a blow. I felt the light go out. At that point, it is difficult to find the desire to make sacrifices for another year and without guarantees: will the Games be held in Japan? ”.

Tania Cagnotto, when she posed naked in Playboy – LOOK

THE SECOND SON – Not only. She wondered if a second child would eventually arrive at 36. So she changed her priorities: “The Olympics as a mother would have been a gift to myself: with the medals in my pocket, for the first time in twenty years I would have been able to train without pressure. Carving out time for myself, going back to dreaming… I liked the idea. But then fate intervened ”. When she communicated the news to Francesca, the latter smiled at her: “I saw a glint of relief in her eyes: after all, she too wants to change her life”.

Tania Cagnotto, training (very sweet) with her daughter Maya. Watch the video from his living room – VIDEO

GREAT JOY – There is now great enthusiasm in the house. Tania knows that everyone, including the Azzurri and the fans, will understand. And now she thinks of her second child, whose sex she still does not know: “Maya asked for a little sister, I would like a boy, Stefano is indifferent. I grew up an only child and had a great time, but I want to give Maya someone to grow up with in this complicated world ”.

Tania Cagnotto inseparable from her friend (and mother like her) Francesca Dallapè – EXCLUSIVE


Video: Tania is her mother, goodbye to diving (Mediaset)


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