health professionals can enlist for vaccine testing

health professionals can enlist for vaccine testing

The registration for research is done exclusively electronically, through online form

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The registration for research is done exclusively electronically, through online form

Health professionals in the Federal District can volunteer to participate in clinical research that tests the effectiveness of the vaccine against covid-19, developed by the pharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech. In the federal capital, the research is coordinated by the University of Brasília (UnB) and carried out at the University Hospital of Brasília (HUB), where the tests are carried out.

The registration for research is carried out exclusively electronically, through an online form.

The HUB is one of 12 centers in Brazil that participates in phase 3 of the national clinical trial coordinated by the Butantan Institute and authorized by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

The study in Brasília has a multiprofessional team, most of them from the hospital itself, formed by 25 people, including doctors, nurses, nursing technicians, pharmacists and laboratory technicians.

With the pre-registration, the team that integrates the research will contact each professional to confirm the data and schedule the service at the HUB. The approved volunteer will receive two doses of the vaccine, with an interval of 14 days. Half of the participants receive a placebo, which has no pharmacological effect, and the other half, the vaccine product. The proposal is to make a comparison between the two groups.

The tests started on August 5 and 6, when ten volunteers were immunized. After an evaluation period by Butantan, the HUB resumed the application of the doses last Thursday (13). The expectation now is to increase the daily number of calls progressively until reaching the target of 850 participants, which should take around two months.

The third stage of the study assesses the efficacy and safety of the vaccine in a greater number of people. Phases 1 and 2 of the clinical trial were carried out with about 700 volunteers in China and the results demonstrated the production of neutralizing antibodies in 90% of the participants.

Once the efficacy and safety are proven, the vaccine goes on to be registered with Anvisa. Then, Sinovac and Butantan will sign a technology transfer agreement for scale production and the free supply by the Unified Health System (SUS).

Only health professionals from the DF who meet the following criteria can apply for the study:

1. Be over 18 years old

2. Work in a health service serving people with covid-19

3. Not being diagnosed or tested positive for the covid-19 virus

4. Have registration with the regional professional council

5. Not having a chronic disease

6. If a woman is not pregnant

7. Not participating in another clinical trial

Upon accepting to participate in the research, the volunteer signs a consent form and undertakes to attend the HUB periodically for a period of twelve months to monitor the health.


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