Hearst’s case is cured

A man tilts his head back for a COVID-19 test.

© Ivanoh Demers/Radio-Canada
A man tilts his head back for a COVID-19 test.

In its Monday update, the Porcupine Health Unit (BSP) said its most recent case, the first in the Hearst and Hornepayne area, is cured.

The case detection among the staff of the Hearst Pioneer Home on August 1, resulted in public health reporting of a COVID-19 outbreak.

At the time of this writing, the establishment is still considered one of 23 homes with an active outbreak in Ontario.

No false positive, according to the BSP

In a statement sent late Monday afternoon, the BSP supports “not have been informed of any false positive for any of the tests carried out in [sa] region».

The BSP specifies that each case of COVID-19 is different, and that investigative processes may therefore vary. Thus, it is possible that a person will be tested twice.

However, he maintains “that a subsequent negative test does not mean that the previous positive test was incorrect».

According to Public Health Ontario, false positives, that is, tests with an incorrect positive result, are “very rare».

The BSP asks people to continue to respect the instructions of physical distancing.

There is only one active case left in the Porcupine Health Unit territory in Timmins.


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