here is the sports routine of the French top in summer

here is the sports routine of the French top in summer

© Instagram Constance Jablonski

After revealing his weekly sports routine during confinement, Constance Jablonski continues to share its training sessions with its 737,000 subscribers. Jack of all trades, she oscillates between 4 sports activities (yoga, running, jump rope and bicycle) ideal for practice outdoors with your dog Ariana. While in Geneva, the French top even put on his skates for a muscular ride on the shores of Lake Geneva. Result? Thanks to its comprehensive sports program, Constance Jablonski solicits, in turn, the different parts of his body, while having fun …

5 sports activities to do at your vacation spot

1. Running at the Château de Vincennes

2. Roller skates on the shores of Lake Geneva

3. Cycling in Paris

4. Jump rope in a park in Paris

5. Tennis in a bamboo forest in Burgundy

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