“Here’s how to recognize true love …”. Like boom


Michelle Hunziker, the tender advice to fans:

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Michelle Hunziker, the tender advice to fans: “Here’s how to recognize true love …”. Like boom

its Leggo.it the latest news. Michelle Hunziker, tender advice to fans: «Here’s how to recognize true love …». Boom di like. The Swiss presenter shared a romantic post on love on her Instagram profile, in which she explains to her followers how to understand that she is the right person, the one who makes your heart beat faster.

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Here are the words of Michelle Hunziker: «Often you ask me how do you recognize true love … the day you wake up next to the person you think you love, look at her well while she sleeps, in that moment so intimate, so vulnerable … look at her well. You will feel the heart warming, you should feel an incredible tenderness in observing it … you will realize that you love every millimeter of that body that you see, you will want to kiss his eyes, forehead, nose, fingers of those hands who know how to make you feel so good, to caress his hair, but you will not do it just because it would be an incredible sin to wake her up. At that moment you will hear if this is the person with whom you want to plan your future. TOGETHER… for me this is love, look for these moments guys … they are those moments to be collected, moments of happiness to be savored to the end. I call it the album of my beautiful memories, when you feel down, you will go through it and it will make you feel alive.❤️❤️».

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Immediate fan comments. “What a deep and delicate thought you made me move». It’s still: “Beautiful words». Boom di like.

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