his son Felipe VI violently taken to task

his son Felipe VI violently taken to task

Exile of Juan Carlos: his son Felipe VI violently taken to task

Exile of Juan Carlos: his son Felipe VI violently taken to task

In resolutions presented to the Spanish parliament, Catalan elected officials do not mince their words towards Felipe VI. They do not “recognize” him as their king and are against the monarchy.

The exile of King Emeritus Juan Carlos was to give a break to the current monarch, his son Felipe, but the latter also finds himself in the eye of the storm. This Friday, August 7, the Catalan parliament approved resolutions in which the King of Spain takes it for his rank. Chaired by the fervent independence activist Quim Torra, parliamentarians from the region “declare that Catalonia is republican“and that”neither recognizes nor wants any king, report the ABC site.

The ancestors of great from Queen Letizia are also taken to task: for elected officials, the “Bourbon saga“-name of the dynasty of which it is part- is a historical calamity. What lessen the authority of Felipe VI in the area, where violent riots had taken place following the conviction of nine independence leaders last October.

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Quim Torra and King Felipe VI at the inauguration of the 100th Barcelona Motor Show on May 10, 2019. GTRES / BESTIMAGE

A “delinquent” monarchy

The monarchy, marred by the scandals that Juan Carlos and one of Felipe’s sisters, the Infanta Cristina, have wiped, is even qualified as “delinquentThis resolution, as well as two others, was not published in the official bulletin of the Spanish Parliament on Monday, August 10, to the chagrin of Quim Torra who asked that it be published on Twitter.

If this mention of the “delinquency“of the monarchs has been refused by the country’s parliament, it has already made the rounds of the Spanish and foreign media. What further weaken King Felipe VI, Queen Letizia and heir to the throne Leonor, just a few days after the announcement of the departure of Juan Carlos, mired in a corruption case with Saudi Arabia and currently refugee in Abu Dhabi.


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