how Adrien Rabiot overturned the hierarchy at Juventus

how Adrien Rabiot overturned the hierarchy at Juventus

Champions League: how Adrien Rabiot overturned the hierarchy at Juventus

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Champions League: how Adrien Rabiot overturned the hierarchy at Juventus

After the last day of the championship on Saturday, another loss to Turin against AS Roma (3-1), the Gazzetta dello Sport considered that Rabiot was “the only good news of the moment with the rapid recovery of Dybala”.

The former Parisian indeed offered an assist to Higuain and, above all, he was once again one of the few bianconeri elements to have breath and light legs. “Athletically he’s a cut above. The confinement has done him good, ”judged the Gazzetta.

The daily commentary on the pink pages does not lack irony when we remember that, precisely, the end of confinement was the lowest point of Rabiot’s stay in Turin.

While his teammates returned one after the other to Turin to resume training with individual and optional sessions, he still had to work solo on the Côte d’Azur.

The former Parisian’s attitude did not necessarily please his leaders very much, but it was especially harshly criticized by the Italian press, the daily La Stampa even speaking of a “strike” and assuring that Rabiot was in fact protesting against the decline. of wages decided to limit the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis.

Rabiot joked about it on social networks and continued to work, quickly chaining the tenures while Blaise Matuidi, first choice for months on the left of the midfielder, settled permanently on the bench.

“A very strong player”

Every day before a match, the three Italian sports dailies announce the probable compositions of the teams and add “ballots” to them where there remains a doubt. For a long time, they systematically turned in favor of Matuidi: Matuidi-Rabiot 70% -30% or Matuidi-Rabiot 60% -40%.

Then the trend was reversed, Rabiot-Matuidi 60% -40%, Rabiot-Matuidi 70% -30%, then there was no more waivers. The holder is now Rabiot and his incredibly neutral performances at the start of the season, static and full of side passes, are forgotten.

A fantastic goal against AC Milan, fouls obtained in shambles, the game and the races forward, an impression of power regained while the others stick their tongue out in the face of the repetition of matches in the heat: the “Duke Has become an asset again.

All his body language has been transformed and we can see him now smiling, at ease with his teammates and fully integrated into moments of celebration and celebration.

“Rabiot is a player with rare qualities. After going through big changes, he is revealing himself. He has a bit of a reserved character, he changed teams and football and it took him a little longer to digest. But it’s a journey that many foreign players have experienced when they arrived in Italy, ”said his coach Maurizio Sarri, who has always defended and protected him two weeks ago.

“Now I see him playing with a lot of personality and security. We are talking about a very strong player, ”also recalled the Italian technician.

At the start of the season, Sarri was asked what Rabiot should think, who only played very exceptionally at the time. “That Matuidi is very strong,” he replied. Today, the logic has been reversed.


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