How clothing affects our brains

How clothing affects our brains

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Clothes can speak. And they tell the whole world a lot about us. Our favorite brands reveal whether we like to shop and how we shop, maybe what profession we are engaged in, what kind of music we listen to … Unbelievably, even if a woman is ready to conceive. Because studies show that in the fertile phase, the signal colors red and pink are unconsciously increasing. But currently our communicating looks have become very private. In times of the pandemic, jeans were exchanged for sweatpants, high heels for slippers and power blazers for Pyjamas.

This year, many more are unintentionally added to a billion items of clothing that are worn unworn in German wardrobes, according to Greenpeace. After all, every day in the home office is a casual Friday. No colleagues, business partners or superiors to whom you can pay respect with professional looks. But a new boss was secretly hired for this, who wants to be impressed with the right clothes. His office is on the top floor. More precisely: in our brain.

Clothing can make you smarter

The new boss has certain requirements when it comes to the dress code in the home office. Because even if nobody sees us, the clothes we wear can affect our productivity and performance. Our brain is incredibly smart – and still pretty shallow! It is surprisingly easy to influence with outward appearances.

This is proven by the “Enclothed Cognition” theory, which proves that clothing can make us wiser. In the associated study, subjects who wore a lab coat during a concentration test under distraction performed significantly better than their colleagues in casual clothing.

In another similar study, participants in an intelligence test should put on their own street clothes, a painter’s coat, or a business suit. The group scored higher overall in the painter’s coat. Which could suggest that creative and abstract tasks can be solved more successfully if you wear something that is associated with artistic work.

The right “work clothing” obviously sends signals to the brain, motivates it to perform at its best and also gives the wearer a more competent attitude. According to science, too much skin, on the other hand, has been proven to distract. Because Swimwear simply sends the head on vacation and the brain cells go swimming enthusiastically: study participants in bikinis therefore performed significantly worse when solving math problems …

Lipstick makes you smart

In the economy, the “Lipstick Index” says that especially in times of uncertainty and recession Lipsticks sold. If you believe the scientific “lipstick effect”, it could help us to achieve professional heights right now. A Harvard study shows that students who put on make-up for an exam get better grades than their unvarnished fellow students. An attractive and professional appearance is not only good for self-esteem, it also increases performance.

How can we use this valuable knowledge for our new everyday life? Especially in times like quarantine, psychologists advise you to stick to rituals or to develop new ones in order to send helpful signals to your inner self. Just as our subconscious mind combines pajamas with relaxation and sleep, so it is with that Homeoffice-Outfit. In the morning, you should do an internal check-up in front of the wardrobe and ask yourself: What tasks will I be doing today? What clothes could help me with this? Depending on the to-do list, you can choose your superhero cape of the day.

Dress to impress yourself!

When working out a complicated cost estimate, a well-ironed shirt with relaxed-fitting pleated trousers may be the ideal armor. A detailed print dress and playful jewelry inspire creativity when brainstorming. Faces a demanding Video negotiation with the business partner on the calendar, a little mascara or blush could boost our self-confidence and give us smart ideas.

The key to a successful home office is in our cloakroom. But in addition to increased self-esteem and higher productivity, it is also about creating a good work-life balance – especially in more inward-looking times. The new, adapted dress code not only convinces the new boss on the top floor. One also creates a visual demarcation from leisure that should not be underestimated, which has an effect on the inside. So move at home more often. Special times. Special measures …


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