How did they do it? Actors who hated their characters

 How did they do it? Actors who hated their characters

Actors are supposed to be able to play any role, even if they don’t like it. In fact, it happens that sometimes certain artists end up giving life to characters who are the antithesis of themselves, causing their frustration.

The last person to suffer this situation has been Viola Davis, who confessed to having “betrayed herself” after starring The Help. The actress told the New York Times that she regretted accepting that job and later gave us new details through the Vanity Fair medium: “Not many narratives are invested to talk about our humanity. Narratives are reversed in the idea of ​​what what it means to be black, but … they are oriented to the white audience. That white audience that, at most, can sit down and receive an academic lesson on what we are like. Then they leave the cinema talking about what it meant to them. it excites us who we are. ”

“There is no one who is not entertained with The Help“she indicated, adding that” there is a part of myself that believes that I have betrayed myself and my people. I was in a movie that wasn’t ready to tell the whole truth. ”

Click on this gallery to find out which actors hated the roles they played on screen!


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