How to apply facial serum and a guide to Mexican brands to obtain it

How to apply facial serum and a guide to Mexican brands to obtain it

He serum facial it infiltrated some years ago among the most requested products for cleaning routines. It does not replace moisturizer, however it is aflightweight formula It penetrates deeper and makes your skin look shiny and elastic, while smoothing fine lines. We explain how it works and we give you a series of proposals for mexican brands organic to include it among your allies.

Many have already seen the magic of serum for themselves. The makeup expert, Christopher Buckle, confirms that the use of serum facial it helps the skin ‘have a firmer and smoother texture, in addition to making pores smaller’. This has been verified in her work with celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and Blake Lively.

It may happen that with the sum of several products sometimes the question arises: First the moisturizer, serum or sunscreen? We will explain it below.

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Including the facial serum in your beauty routine will diminish expression lines.

What is the facial serum?

He serum facial, or serum, is a skin care product that has the ability to reach deep layers and an injection of nutrients at the root. It is used after soap and before moisturizer to always end with blockerIt doesn’t matter if you’re not going to leave the house that day. The latter is always a must.

The serums allow the active ingredients penetrate deeply because they have a lipid-soluble base, in this way, their properties go directly to the source and do not remain on the surface of the skin. He serum makes your skin look brighter, better hydrated, smoothes fine lines and reduces acne. That is why the facial serum is everything your skin needs (if you are 30+).

Which one to choose and how to apply it?

There are different types of hydrating serums which may vary depending on your skin type and your age. For the dry skin those containing Vitamin E, glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid for increased hydration. If your face just needs a little brightness try moisturizers with green tea ferulic acid.

Apply in the morning and / or nights, as specified on the bottle. On the palm of your hand pour three drops and give a gentle face massage and neck until your skin absorbs the product.

Below we list a proposal of brands mexican and organic that include facial serum among their products and that you can easily get through their web pages.


Ahal has a makeup line and skincare of products that consider the care of your face and the environment. Look for the moisturizing serumFacial Roll On Marula’. The brand recommends it for all skin types and its applicator is very comfortable and you can take it everywhere. It has a high content of C vitamin and has a cost of $ 510 MXN.

The 'roll on' of the Ahaul serum allows a simple application.

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The ‘roll on’ of the Ahaul serum allows a simple application.

Xamania Ecoskincare

This brand is made up of a group of women who make their products based on indigenous and ancestral medicine. It has been in the market for ten years and its products have been widely accepted. The brand has four different types of facial serums: Macadamia, Hemp, Rosehip or the Hidaluronico & Dame; depending on the benefits you are looking for and your skin type. You can order their products online.

The serum hyaluronic acid gel & DMAE from Shamania.

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The serum hyaluronic acid gel & DMAE from Shamania.

Ere Perez

Ere Perez It is a family business promoted by its creator. Its philosophy is to offer very high quality natural products at an affordable price. The brand features the ‘quandong green booster serum‘($ 730MXN), an antioxidant-rich hydrating boost made with desert fruits to soothe tired skin and reduce the signs of aging.

El quandong green booster serum from Ere Perez.

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El quandong green booster serum from Ere Perez.


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