“Huge blistering and the tires were like balloons”


Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes F1 W11

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes F1 W11

Hamilton surprised by the much blistering he had during the GP in which he reached Schumacher for overall number of podiums in F1 (155). The second final place puts him more and more at the head of the World Championship.

Many were expecting yet another internal fight against Mercedes also this weekend, in which F1 was staged again at Silverstone to compete in the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix, instead the Black Arrows had to content themselves with occupying the most low on the podium, those placed next to the winner Max Verstappen.

The W11s suffered for the whole race from a very pronounced blistering, which forced Hamilton and Bottas to different strategies than those planned to try to overcome the problems related to the phenomenon that damaged their tires.

Lewis toyed with the idea of ​​making a single stop for a few laps and going all the way to win the race, but the conditions of his tires were such as to induce him to return with 10 laps to go to mount the Mediums and attempt a comeback. This was successful, but only partially.

Hamilton, once back on track, managed to overtake Leclerc’s Ferrari and recover the podium. Then, unsatisfied, he went in search of his teammate Bottas and, a few kilometers from the finish line, to overtake him without the right of reply, with Valtteri in tire crisis because he was several laps older than those of the 6-time world champion.

“This race was a huge challenge for us. First of all, congratulations to Red Bull and Max for this victory,” Lewis hastened to say once he got off the number 44 W11. “If we look at the tires, they had something more than the us today “.

“For us it was surprising and unexpected to have such strong blistering in this race. I am still very happy to have stayed in the leading positions and to have managed the race quite well. In the end it is not the result I wanted, but I pushed hard. in the final stages to catch up with Valtteri and in the end the result is not bad “.

Hamilton also said he has no idea why the W11s had so many blistering problems. What is certain is that Lewis underlined how the different compounds and pressures decided by Pirelli could have had an impact on the phenomenon that occurred on the tires mounted by Mercedes.

“At the moment I don’t know why the W11s had more blistering than the Red Bulls, surely the team will work hard. Because it hadn’t happened for a long time. Pirelli had tire failures last week and then, weekend after. weekend, the pressures have been raised and now the tires are like footballs “.

“I’ve never had such high tire pressures and it wouldn’t surprise me if a track like this could have affected us in some way. But I don’t know if others have had our blistering problems as well, we’ll have to examine everything at the factory.”

“The first stint was hard enough, then it looked like we could recover, but in the second stint I had to manage a lot. It was incredible, I managed it in the best possible way I think, but the blistering was too much.”

“In the end I drove without tires. I had half a tire that was fine and half that was gone. In the end I was able to finish second, but I couldn’t have done much more than I did.”

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