“I don’t have the strength to forgive”



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They leave, recover and then release themselves: it is the infinite story. Even with the cameras turned off, Temptation Island offers surprises. Those who thought that with the latest episode of the records the program had stopped giving emotions were wrong. He thought about it Antonella Elia to question everything and to leave, for the umpteenth time, her fiancé Pietro Delle Piane.

Just one week after the end of the program conducted by Filippo Bisciglia, a new twist took place. Antonella Elia again distanced herself from Pietro Delle Piane. At the final confrontation bonfire the showgirl had closed the relationship with her partner, injured by the attitude held by the actor in the boyfriend village. A month after the end of Temptation Islandhowever, the couple appeared to be ready to mend the relationship. Pietro’s apologies and love letter and Antonella’s desire to give the actor a second chance seemed to bring their love story to a happy ending. But this did not happen.

Antonella Elia, surprisingly, entrusted a message to social networks to announce that she had asked her boyfriend for a pause for reflection. An unexpected turnaround fruit of the reality show. In reliving the television experience episode after episode, in fact, the showgirl felt again betrayed and humiliated by the words and gestures of the man and decided to take some more time. “I don’t have the strength to to forgive – Antonella Elia confessed in a video recorded for WittyTv – so I decided to take time for myself and be alone. I don’t know if I will see Pietro again, but in any case it will be what I will decide to do. “Therefore, the apologies and the words spoken in front of Bisciglia a month after leaving the program were worthless. When everything seems to have brought them closer together, the Elijah has retraced his steps: “I will evaluate how much I am able to forgive. He is not a monster, I listen to reason and take a break, but I want strength, dignity and love to prevail. “

View this post on Instagram For our Anto the trial of @temptationisland_official was tough and led to a moment of reflection. Her sensitivity and the time remain to open the way for her at this moment that she has decided to take everything for herself. Come on Anto! @wittytv @treemmecreazioni @chiarabonilapetiterobe @tenax_womancollection STAFF

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