“I never imagined seeing myself with nothing in the fridge”


Veronica volunteering at the Red Cross mobile unit.

© Red Cross Alicante
Veronica volunteering at the Red Cross mobile unit.

Verónica Altamirano, 44 ​​years old from Argentina and with four children (25, 19, 15 and 4 years old), lives in Alicante and she is a volunteer in Red Cross since November 2019. Due to the pandemic of the Covid-19 he lost his job and found himself in need of help to the organization.

“I never imagined that I could reach such a point have nothing in the fridge, ni butaneNo money to pay the rent, “explained Veronica.

Veronica lived many years in Spain But he had to return to his country and after a time there, in October 2019 he returned to Spain. In November, she became a Red Cross volunteer and also found employment in the home help sector with older people.

Although, when the pandemic came last March, he lost his job. “It was a very hard stick, you are left with nothing, in state of total vulnerability“, Explain.

He found support precisely at the Red Cross, where she and her family received food aid, support from social workers, psychological support and job training.

“They are wonderful. Thanks to the Red Cross we have eatenWe have had butane to shower, psychological support, they have trained us, “he stresses.

Veronica acknowledges that it was “very hard” Telling her children that they had nothing to eat and assures that she is “very embarrassed” when she goes to ask for help, but adds that once she takes the step, one realizes that there are “many people” willing to help you. get ahead.

Despite being in this situation, Veronica did not stop volunteering at the Red Cross. She started as a mobile unit and relief volunteer and is currently responsible for the mobile unit and group facilitator.

They provide remote assistance, they assist people with the red button of the Red Cross, they attend falls, punctual aid, purchase of medicines, help for the homeless, food delivery, assistance to boats, etc.

During the state of alarm They continued to assist those who needed it most with all precautionary measures, and she remembers experiencing very difficult situations. “There were cases of families with minors your soul was breaking and older people whose only visit in the whole week was ours, “he points out.

Was when they were needed “more than ever” and when more hours were on the front line because, as it affirms, they continue to attend to the most vulnerable people “rain or shine”.

For Veronica, the best way to thank her for the help they have given her is return it to you with your volunteering. In addition, she entered a telemarketing training program and is now going to work two months for the Red Cross Gold Giveaway.

Although she will continue training to find a job opportunity, Verónica is also requesting the Minimum Life Income that the government approved two months ago and comments that you have to go through “a lot of bureaucracy”.


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