‘I only started loving myself in my thirties’

'I only started loving myself in my thirties'

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Gwyneth Paltrow wasn’t always self-confident but learned to love herself in her late 30s.

During a promotional video for her wellness brand Goop, which featured her daughter Apple and mom Blythe, the 47-year-old star shared, “I felt really good in my late 30s. I think getting older is difficult. It’s quite a process and I think when you realize that your face starts to change, you don’t always feel very beautiful. But the irony is that this is the time in your life. that you are really starting to love yourself. So you feel beautiful inside. ”

Meanwhile, Gwyneth recently admitted that she doesn’t appreciate the many benefits that celebrity kids have, adding that she is determined to instill safe values ​​in her toddlers. The actress admitted that her parents, actors Blythe Danner and Bruce Paltrow, had “refused” her to venture into the limelight until she was 18, and she believes learning how to her teens how to work without relying on their parents’ names.

She shared on the “Literally! With Robe Lowe” podcast: “This is why I think it is very important to raise our children by teaching them work ethics and instilling in them values ​​similar to ours, because the truth is that some doors can easily be opened to you, but if you think of all those who try but do not succeed (…) I do not let him have public accounts on the networks social or anything like that.

I try to keep them as far out of the spotlight as possible. ”


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