“I see it super complicated for tennis to return”


Cristian Garin: "I see it super complicated for tennis to come back"

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Cristian Garin: “I see it super complicated for tennis to come back”

Cristian Garin, first national racket and 18th in the world ranking, he reflected on the difficult situation that tennis is going through in the midst of the coronavirus health crisis, with the recent cancellation of the Madrid Masters and the questions to the holding of the US Open, pointing out that the return of the activity is difficult.

I see it super complicated for tennis to return, they are doing everything possible. According to my part, it has not been confirmed one hundred percent. The truth is that they have been super difficult weeks, because I am training well, preparing as if I were going to play, but from one day to the next it can change, “Garin told Third.

“I feel that in tennis, the way it has been done or is going to be done, I don’t know if it was the best. I am waiting, I have prepared very well, I really want to play, but obviously one is attentive to the safety and health measures they are going to take, “he added.

Consulted by the new scoring system, Garin questioned the measure and noted that “It was not the most suitable for everyone, I feel that it hurts me, but with everything that has happened, I think they are going to rethink it. This week I got it out of my head, because if I can’t compete, I don’t think the same format will be maintained. “

However, he remarked that the ATP has a bigger problem than the ranking issue: “They are focused on the US Open and I think it will depend on whether or not the rest of the year is played.“, Hill.


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