“I set out to outperform men and I think I’ve succeeded”


Charlize Theron, at this year's BAFTA Awards.

Charlize Theron, at this year’s BAFTA Awards.

Genetically perfect, the name of Charlize Theron it escapes us every time we look for an example of beauty. The symmetry of her features is accompanied by height, personality, and smile, but also Charlize shows her talent on and off the screen. Her imposing physique is joined by her power as a producer with titles such as’ Mindhunter ‘,’ El escándalo ‘, Atómica’ or ‘Tully’. This summer Charlize bets on ‘The old guard’, the most watched movie on the Netflix platform. The film is inspired by the comics of writer Greg Rucka and artist Leandro Fernández. It tells the story of a group of immortal mercenaries. Theron plays Andy, a millennial warrior.

-She has become a woman who directs and controls her career in Hollywood thanks to her production company. Do you consider it necessary to produce to succeed?

-In part yes. I like to produce, even if I am not starring in the film, because it is work that stimulates me creatively. Being in charge of production means having control and I don’t want to depend on anyone to evolve professionally.

-‘The old guard has become the most watched movie on Netflix. What would you highlight about this project?

-I love the characters in the story and how the plot unfolds in the third act. Without revealing much, there is a moment that fascinates me: when the character of Nile wakes up Andy, my character, and she begins to remember the value of the things she has been forgetting.

-He had to prepare physically to play the role of Andy.

-A lot, but we had an absolutely incredible team of coaches and choreographers. KiKi Layne and I live in Los Angeles so we decided to train together. We helped each other and found inspiration to improve ourselves when the going got tough. I had fun training with someone next to me who I confessed that my knees hurt.


Race control. «I am a producer because I don’t want to depend on anyone to evolve professionally» Racial segregation. «I lived the ‘apartheid’. I am going to dedicate my whole life so that it does not happen again anywhere else »-You have a tendency to star in action movies.

-Yes. I was raised by a mother who loved Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson movies. My father enjoyed Mad Max, it was inevitable that I liked action. I think we have changed the gender for women. The public loves these kinds of movies. They love that there is a woman leading the whole team.

-Do you think action movies have evolved?

-Definitely. Now the female characters have another depth, they are capable by themselves of maintaining the mystery of the narrative. A decade ago there was a wrong image of women in the action universe. I have put a lot of pressure. I set out to outperform men and I think I’ve succeeded. I am very proud of what I have achieved

-There is a lot of talk in Hollywood about the lack of representation of minorities. You, on the other hand, represent the privilege of the white woman.

-Remember that I was born in South Africa. When we speak of representation we refer to the racial and cultural, but also to the feminine.

Cheap diapers

-You are a single mother of two children and you run a company. How do you organize your time?

-With my first child, I sterilized even the shoes that I put on at home. The fear of killing him paralyzed me. Then, with the second, I started buying cheap diapers and once I have given him the pacifier from the floor. The second children are harder because the mother is more prepared.

-She is very committed to a humanitarian organization that helps South Africa

-I was born and raised in a country with a lot of turmoil and a lot of suffering, with a lot of inequality. I lived in South Africa during the ‘apartheid’ years and that marks you for life because you feel part of a horrible system. I am going to dedicate my entire life so that it doesn’t happen again anywhere else. I will lend my voice to the causes that need it. I will be frank in my opinions, such as the defense of gay marriage and equal rights. I will return to my country when necessary to make sure that I contribute by putting something on the table.


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