“I told Emma that Stefano had betrayed her with Belen”



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The most talked about triangle of the summer is undoubtedly the one made up of Stefano De Martino, Belen Rodriguez and Alessia Marcuzzi. But exactly eight years ago two of these same protagonists were at the center of another love scandal, the one that closely involved Emma Marrone. Today to reveal how things went is Maria De Filippi. Interviewed by the weekly Gente, the popular Mediaset presenter revealed the circumstances in which the Salento singer learned of the betrayal suffered by her then boyfriend, De Martino, who had fallen madly in love with Belen.

The 2012 edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi is remembered above all for the end of the love between two of her favorites: Emma Marrone e Stefano De Martino. The couple, born inside the school during participation as students, was the protagonist of the new season of talent with different roles. He is a professional dancer, she as a guest star of numerous episodes of the Evening. But it is precisely during the final stage of the broadcast that Stefano De Martino’s betrayal took place. The dancer had fallen in love with Belen Rodriguez, fixed presence of the 2012 edition of Amici 11, and the singer was at the expense of it.

Many years later it is Maria De Filippi who reveals how Emma learned of the betrayal. It was the popular presenter who spoke with the Salento artist, after weeks of rumors and rumors, of what was happening between the dancer and the beautiful Argentine who were getting closer. “I called Stefano in the dressing room – the presenter told the weekly Gente – and asked him:” What are you doing? “. And he confessed. De Martino and Belen had fallen in love with Amici, but he did not want to tell Emma, ​​with whom he was engaged. And so I told Emma. ”

A confession arrived a few months after that made by Belen Rodriguez just before the marriage with De Martino came to an end for the second time. At the end of March, in full coronavirus emergency, Belen Rodriguez confessed on social media which was the moment in which the spark with the dancer struck. A performance by Stefano on the stage of “Amici 11” alongside Nunzio Perricone, dancer of the program then eliminated: “That evening I remember it as if it were yesterday … And since that evening you have never left my thoughts and you’ll never get out. ” Prophetic words for how things turned out between them.

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