Impossible returns, it will take at least 8 months

Impossible returns, it will take at least 8 months

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The wave of arrivals from Tunisia, 5,357 illegal migrants, first nationality and 39% of the total landings, is no coincidence, like the continuous flow from Libya. First, the Giallorossi government has lowered its trousers with NGO ships, allowing infected migrants to be landed despite the fact that the ports were theoretically closed due to the covid emergency. He then heralded the abolition of Count 1’s security decrees, which will be sunk in September. And in the end, the majority sent Matteo Salvini to trial, who had stopped the Taliban from welcoming Open arms when he was Interior Minister. Clear signs, which are received in Tunisia, where the political, social and economic crisis does the rest and in Libya, as a free way to embark towards Italy.

Now that the situation is out of control, the interior and foreign ministers are trying to take cover, but it is too late. A demonstration is the chimera of the repatriation of the Tunisians, which yesterday in the Corriere della Sera, the head of the Interior Ministry, Luciana Lamorgese, hypothesized not only by air, but also “with the use of ships to carry out a substantial number”. For now, the reality is very different: the repatriations planned exclusively by air were stopped for the covid until 16 July. On this date they left, but in a lesser tone, with four flights that brought back just 80 illegal immigrants to their homeland. The Tunisian embassy has made it known that the normal pace will begin on August 6, but it is not clear when it will come to full capacity with two weekly flights of 80 returnees each.

Many of the Tunisians who have already arrived will have vanished, perhaps to France. But only calculating the 5,357 arrived in Italy until 31 July, without adding those who will arrive, it turns out that to bring them all 65 flights would be needed. Provided they are full with the 80 expected at each repatriation. And assuming that the unlikely pace of two a week is maintained, we will be able to repatriate the first wave in 8 months, ending in March next year.

“The quotas for repatriation by air agreed with Tunisia are no longer realistic and effective. It is clear that the agreements with Tunisia need to be revised immediately, quadrupling at least the weekly quotas of illegal immigrants to be repatriated”, observes the admiral in reserve, Nicola de Felice, League leader in Lazio. Well before the ships mentioned by Lamorgese, he proposed that “the ferries destined for the evacuation of the Lampedusa reception center by the Minister of the Interior are addressed directly to the sender after agreement between the two governments, also by pressing on commercial and military relations with the friend Tunisia “.

Yesterday the Tunisian Navy blocked a boat with 18 compatriots on board, between 17 and 32 years old, bound for Italy. The political crisis that paralyzes the birth of a new government does not help, but Tunis has committed to transfer two patrol boats off the coast of Sfax, from where the bulk of the ghost boats leave. At the end of July the head of the Interior Ministry went to Tunis, collecting promises from the government, which however is paralyzed by the political and economic crisis.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio, thought about creating confusion. He noticed the situation out of control late. The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the suspension of the 6.5 million euro allocation from the Cooperation to Tunisia. Then he announced that “the boats should be put out of order”, without explaining how and who should do it, but causing new cracks in the majority. And annoying the interior minister who was negotiating with Tunis.


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