In Alberta, 84 new cases of COVID-19 and an outbreak at a Cargill plant

In Alberta, 84 new cases of COVID-19 and an outbreak at a Cargill plant

The number of Albertans with COVID-19 remains at 1,036.

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The number of Albertans with COVID-19 remains at 1,036.

Alberta recorded 1 death and 84 new cases of COVID-19 in 24 hours. She also reports new outbreaks, notably at a Cargill plant in Calgary.

A woman in her 60s died from the coronavirus in southern Alberta on Thursday, bringing the total number of recorded deaths in the province to 221.

On that day, 84 Albertans tested positive for COVID-19 and 84 were declared cured. The number of active cases therefore remains the same: 1036.

The Edmonton area continues to have the highest number of cases, with 497 Edmontonians currently ill.

Another Cargill factory in the spotlight

The province has also reported a new outbreak at a Cargill meat processing plant in Calgary. Five cases have been recorded there so far.

This meat processing plant has around 400 employees. Another Cargill plant near High River had been the scene of the largest outbreak in the country earlier this year, with a total of some 950 cases.

The Calgary plant, however, does not have “the same story as High RiverAccording to the president of Local 401 of the United Food and Commercial Workers’ Union (UFCW), Thomas Hesse. “We’re pretty sure there are a lot of measures out there and they’re doing what it takes to limit the risks of COVID-19, like social distancing, physical barriers […] personal protective equipment …»

However, he finds that the administration lacks transparency, in particular because it refuses to pass on the names of infected workers to the union. Mr. Hesse assures that the union does not want to disseminate these names, but simply to help these employees to enforce their rights and to obtain the compensations they can claim.

«Cargill tries to hide behind the principle of privacy, but in fact they are not transparent about what is going on at the factory.», He accuses.

«Large-scale screening is underway. [Services de santé Alberta ] and [l’organisme de la santé et sécurité au travail] have visited the factory and ensure that the necessary measures are in place to reduce the transmissionAlberta Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinhaw wrote on Twitter.

An outbreak at a Calgary daycare has also been reported. Five cases were recorded at the center Fledglings Educare, including three in children. Two of these children have already recovered. Alberta Health Services is working with the administration to ensure that the safety protocols in place are sufficient.

Misericordia hospital is gradually reopening

On the Edmonton side, the outbreak at Misericordia Hospital is officially over, as there have been no new cases for nearly a month. The hospital was able to reopen its emergency and delivery departments on Friday. It will gradually reopen the rest of its departments in the coming weeks.

The hospital had stopped welcoming new patients on July 8. 58 cases and 8 deaths have been linked to this outbreak.

The residence Good Samaritan Southgate Edmonton, for its part, has not reported any new deaths in the past 24 hours. There remain 11 residents and 11 employees who are still carriers of the coronavirus in this establishment. There are 39 residents and 22 staff who are officially healed.

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