in interview, Trump comes to terms with the coronavirus figures

in interview, Trump comes to terms with the coronavirus figures

Interviewed on the American channel HBO, the President of the United States played with the charts of the pandemic to reach a conclusion as crazy as it is false: the figures of the coronavirus in his country are better than all the others.

© Reuters / Jonathan Ernst

Monday August 3, Jonathan Swan, Axios reporter from the American house HBO, interviewait Donald Trump. Among the subjects raised (Afghanistan, Ghislaine Maxwell, the Black Lives Matter movement), the management of the Covid-19 crisis by the Trump administration. While he already had lost in an interview on Fox News a few days ago the american president used the same process for similar results.

Since weeks, Donald Trump asserts that if his country has more cases than the others, it is because it carries out more tests. To congratulate himself on the reactivity of the United States, Donald Trump recalled that “when I arrived (implying in power, note) there was no test in point”. Mine taken aback by Jonathan Swan who replied that the virus did not exist when he became president, and therefore that a test was impossible to have.

A few minutes later, the journalist asks him about his very positive speech when a thousand people die daily from Covid-19 in the United States at this time. Donald Trump then released graphics printed on white sheets. Supporting figures, he shows that his country is below the world average and that of Europe. “We are the best,” he says. The president referred to the number of deaths compared to the number of positive cases identified. A result that changes enormously when Jonathan Swan asks him to consider the number of deaths per inhabitant instead. “You don’t have the right to do that,” Trump retorts in a last ditch attempt to contradict the journalist. Swan then takes the example of the South Korea where out of 51 million inhabitants, 300 died or 0.59 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. In the United States, where 320 million people live, almost 160,000 have died from the virus, or almost 47.6 deaths per 100,000 population.

The battle for numbers continued for a few minutes. Donald Trump assured that the number of daily deaths was decreasing in Arizona, Texas and Florida. Jonathan Swan replied that he was recovering nationally – after a drop in late June. In the United States in early August, 4.69 million people tested positive for the virus. Among them, 155,000 died from Covid-19.


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