“In Jujuy we are helpless in the face of the pandemic”


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The head of the neighborhood organization Túpac Amaru, Miracle Room, warned about the health situation in the province of Jujuy due to the coronavirus pandemic and asked “for help from the national authorities” for what he defined as a “serious social situation and collapse of health.” “We are in Jujuy helpless in the face of the pandemic”Said the social leader, who is under house arrest for the “Pibes Villeros” cause.

Room said that in the province that governs Gerardo Morales “There are no longer beds for patients with Covid-19,” he affirmed that “hospitals are overflowing” and denounced that doctors “are not being cared for.” “Doctors and nurses are the ones who go to the front to face the pandemic, but nevertheless today they are alone, they are not being cared for,” said the head of Tupac Amaru in dialogue with Telam.

Miracle Sala He also argued that in some towns in the province there are people who died in their homes: “Libertador, Calilegua and other towns, there have been neighbors who have died in their homes for days.”

Gerardo Morales: “We need help, part of the Jujuy system is collapsed”

In this context, the social leader also denounced that, in addition to the lack of beds for patients with covid-19, the situation is aggravated by the lack of food for dining rooms and picnic areas in the midst of the social emergency.

“There are no beds for patients with coronavirus, health in Jujuy is collapsing, and the dining rooms and picnic areas are without food. We ask that someone do something urgently for the people of Jujuy in the face of this serious social situation,” Sala said.

Coronavirus: “Jujuy, Neuquén and Mendoza have an acceleration in the occurrence of cases”

According to latest daily report of the Ministry of Health, in the last 24 hours Jujuy added 73 new cases of coronavirus, and the number of total cases in the is 3,427. 89 people died from the disease in the province.

In line with the statements of the social leader, the governor of Jujuy had said days ago that they needed the cooperation of the entire territory because the public health system “cannot alone” in the face of the pandemic and said that part of the provincial health system “it’s collapsed” by the increasing number of infections.

“We cannot alone, that is, the public system cannot alone, it is collapsed in some places, we need the support of social works, not all of them are attending or have been at the level of circumstances,” Morales clarified in a meeting with the report of the Emergency Committee (COE).



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