In Piacenza a worker was crushed by a silo

In Piacenza a worker was crushed by a silo

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AGI – “Goodbye Sasko, a giant with a good heart. It shouldn’t have been like this, it’s not fair. Thanks for the discretion and the constant presence in helping others”: this is how the Red Cross committee of Piacenza wanted to greet, still incredulous for the ‘happened, Sasko Atasanov, 50, born in Macedonia but for many years in Italy, married with two children, died this morning after staying crushed by a huge steel silo, collapsed on the ground in the concrete company in which he worked. On the Red Cross website, his good face questions the viewer: Sasko is wearing the shirt of the voluntary association.

Lhe accident occurred in Ciriano, a small hamlet of Carpaneto, in the Piacentino area: firefighters and 118 rescuers rushed to the scene of the accident, but there was nothing more for the man to do: he died instantly.

According to preliminary information, one of the supports of the structure would have collapsed, causing the collapse of the silo that overwhelmed the worker, who was doing some work nearby.

The carabinieri of Fiorenzuola d’Arda, who have launched investigations into the incident, also on the spot, while the unions speak of an incomprehensible tragedy, underlining that in 2019 there were almost 5,000 accidents at work in the province of Piacenza.


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