In the hell of the shooting of “Desperate Housewives”

In the hell of the shooting of

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Celebrity whims, bun crêpages and even hazing, the shooting of Desperate Housewives has obviously not been a long quiet river. Worse: to believe some, it was even disastrous.

In 2019, Felicity Huffman was on the front page of all the celebrity magazines after fraud charges. The interpreter of Lynette Scavo would have paid large sums of money to American universities to facilitate the education of her two daughters, Sofia and Georgia. A scam that has become aware of the American justice which is now studying the case. To put the odds on her side, the actress then asked her relatives to write letters of recommendation to praise her merits. Except that in pleading his case, some did not hesitate to accuse other members of the team.

© Provided by Vanity Fair

An actress “Problematic”

Marc Cherry, the creator of the series, is the first to speak. In his letter made public he stated that “ one of the cast members was problematic. » « He was a big star who had behavior problems. Everyone was doing their best to get along with this woman. But it was impossible. And the situation only got worse. At one point, during the filming of season 7, she had even decided to no longer speak to the other members of the cast. She only communicated with the directors, who had to convey the messages to the other actresses. I realized, and told Felicity about it. She smiled, and said to me: “It is not because this woman wants to be disagreeable that I, on my side, should not be polite” », he explained without never citing anyone.

Hazing on the set

Eva longoria also recently spoke. And his statements are not proof of a good atmosphere on the set of Desperate Housewives, quite the contrary. The one who played Gabriella Solis on screen explained that one of her colleagues was hazing her. “ I hated the days when I had to go to work with this person, because it was torture », She confided, while specifying that she had always been able to count on the support and the kindness of Felicity Huffman. She even specifies: ” She told him “enough” and everything stopped. Felicity could feel I was anxious even though I never complained and never mentioned being abused to anyone. The actress even went so far as to say that without her playmate, she would not have “Not survived these 10 years of filming. »


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