Investigations against alleged right-wing extremist Prepper network initiated

Investigations against alleged right-wing extremist Prepper network initiated

They are said to be preparing for “Day X” and a “racial war” and to have violated the weapons law. Now the Attorney General is investigating a right-wing Prepper group.


The public prosecutor’s office in Naumburg is investigating alleged members of the right-wing extremist prepper network “Refuge”, which is active in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. “We have initiated proceedings against several suspects,” said the agency’s spokesman, Klaus Tewes. It is mainly about violations of the gun law and the use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations.

The focus of the investigation against the group will probably be in Saxony and the Saxon authorities, said Tewes. Previously the “taz“Reported on the investigation. The newspaper had previously reported on the group’s chat protocols with the research network” LSA Rechtsaußen “. According to this, several Bundeswehr reservists and fraternities came together on the Internet and later exchanged information, among other things, about private armament and a possible” racial war “.

The focus of the investigation is on target practice in the Wittenberg district

Before “Day X” the group wanted to take refuge in a village near Leipzig. According to the Attorney General’s Office, the focus of the Naumburg investigation is now on illegal target practice, which the group is said to have held in the Wittenberg district.

Last year, a former SEK member was indicted at the Schwerin Regional Court. He’d counted himself on the prepper scene. The former police officer had heaped 55,000 rounds of ammunition and numerous weapons and had been sentenced to one year and nine months’ imprisonment. The court had however, the sentence was suspended and the warrant was canceled.

The term “prepper” comes from the English verb “to prepare”. Many preppers are harmless. However, there are also right-wing extremists who share the fear of a breakdown of all order. You see Germany sinking into chaos in the foreseeable future, due to natural disasters, economic crises or war.


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