“It is a criminal situation of people who have no criminal intention”


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Juan Grabois, leader of the Confederation of Workers of the Popular Economy (CTEP), spoke again this Tuesday about the “wave of land seizure” and said that it is “a criminal situation of people who have no criminal intent.”

In an interview for Channel 9, Grabois explained that in recent days “there were 15 or 20 land grabs” in different parts of the country, which can be explained when “there are very strong economic crises”, but added that “now there is a particular situation: people spent five days in a box, the kids don’t want to know anything more. ”

Along these lines, he defined that “grounding is a criminal situation for people who have no criminal intent, as when cartoning was a crime.”

Hours ago, Grabois had declared that due to the coronavirus crisis, land seizures “are going to deepen because people are not going to want to continue living crowded with the virus hanging around. ”

The social leader clarified that whoever is taken to land “is also a victim” because “their land is usurped,” and added: “Can’t we make 500,000 or 600 lots of 10 by 20 meters so that people can make them? pay for 20 years and build your house? “.

“If those lots are not there, long or short, people go to find where to go to live. That must be planned, “he warned.

In this context, Grabois raised the need for a “comprehensive human development plan” which contemplates the creation of “4 million jobs; one million lots for people to build their homes with water, electricity and sewers; urbanization of 4,400 popular neighborhoods and creation of 200 organized rural communities.”

That plan would cost about “750 billion pesos,” of which half would be provided by “the State,” but “the other half has to come from great fortunes, from the types that have more than a billion dollars.”

The CTEP leader assured that he sees “an intention and a vocation in the Government and Alberto Fernández” in solving the problem of homelessness, but at the same time said that “there has to be a level of planning”.

Despite his affinity with the President, Grabois acknowledged that he “resigned himself to the fact that some things are not going to happen, and that we will have to wait a little longer.”

“At the time of Macri he did not have so much anger because he already knew who he was in front of. When I come into a fluster it is because I think Alberto can do more than what he is doing,” he said.

“What we ask the Government is to discuss concrete things”He said, adding: “The idea of ​​planning has been lost, they have put the neoliberal virus on us. The neoliberal virus is believing that things resolve themselves. If there is no social and state planning of basic issues, problems they will not be resolved. ”

Insecurity and his relationship Sergio Berni

On insecurity, Grabois said that “when there is a combination of inequality and poverty, as is happening now, crime spirals.”

70% of crimes in Argentina are committed by repeat offenders. That means that there was someone who came out of a prison and did not find any other opportunity. If you take someone out of a prison and you don’t give them a job opportunity, you don’t follow up on them and you throw them into the street, you’re putting a gun in their hand, “he explained.

And he spoke of his relationship with the Minister of National Security, Sabina Frederic, and with his counterpart from the province, Sergio Berni.

“Frederic is smarter than he looks. He worked a lot with the forces. But since Berni puts the body on, people value that. I have many ideological differences with him, but he puts the body, “he stressed.

Debt renegotiation

Grabois also referred to the agreement with the creditors announced days ago by the national government, and said: “He who is happy is wrong. You can’t celebrate paying half a scam. Paying half a scam is better than paying a scam, but celebrating paying half a scam is outrageous. ”

“I would not have applauded Martín Guzmán, I would have recognized that he did what he said he was going to do. One cannot complain or feel disappointed. He is a very serious and solid guy. I don’t think there is anything to celebrate,” he completed.

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