“It is not explained how this endless quarantine continues, we must stop sowing fear”

Miguel Ángel Pichetto linked the judicial reform to the interest of Cristina Kirchner and affirmed that

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Former vice presidential candidate Together for Change, Michelangelo Pichetto, questioned the extension of the quarantine and the strategy of the current government of Alberto Fernandez to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

“A more hopeful society is needed. (Daniel) Gollan has not read (Nelson Mandela, which says that a ruler has to make decisions with a share of hope. We must stop sowing fear and count the deaths. And he has already installed that there will be no vacation, it is a devastating decision for the economy, “Pichetto said on the news channel. TN.

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It is not explained how this endless quarantine continues, there is an extraordinary burden“, fired the politician. In addition, he wondered” when are the boys going to go back to school “, after comparing that with the return from soccer training.”The look has to be reopening. They have a thought of fear and collapse. The level of recovery is high and that of deaths is low“, Shooting.

On the other hand, he also hit the government for the functioning of the Judiciary, which said that “it only opened to release dangerous criminals“.” The government released dangerous prisoners and increased insecurity, and (Sergio) Berni is shown against insecurity, “he continued.

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“They know that the candidate on the left in the province is not going to walk, and they are preparing an option on the right, the exorbitant role of the security minister is indicating that there is a preparation of a political process. In 2021, control of the chamber of deputies and half-time election. Candidate for national deputy. The government plays on the entire pitch, “he analyzed.

Regarding the ruling duo of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, said it is “an alliance, something natural.” “Based on a very powerful vice president who designed the formula process. The president is obliged to agree with the vice, and many of the decisions have the imprint of her. It cannot break. In politics you do what you can “, declared Pichetto.

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On another topic, he said that the agreement with the bondholders “was positive.” “It took a long time, but he did it and that is important for the private sector and financing, so that Argentina does not go into default. There must be a fiscal plan now. The Fund will control the government’s accounts every three months. They were prudent with the agreement, they did not make Argentinean “, defined.

Regarding the assembly of the opposition and Together for Change, Pichetto estimated that today “leadership is more shared.” “It is a more participatory table, (Mauricio) Macri He is always present, his opinion is important but there are emerging leaders such as Larreta and Cornejo, it is a more participatory framework, “he continued.

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Of the former president and his running mate in the 2019 elections, he said that “has exercised freedom when leaving the country“He never told me at this time that he wanted to be a candidate,” Pichetto said and concluded that former presidents “in Argentina should have another type of treatment.”


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