Jacob Elordi (‘My first kiss’) reveals that he is Basque, but not Spanish

Jacob Elordi ('My first kiss') reveals that he is Basque, but not Spanish

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  • Jacob Elordi He is famous for his roles in ‘My First Kiss’, the Netflix movie, and also the series ‘Euphoria’ alongside Zendaya.
  • In an interview with GQ, the actor defends that his ancestry is not Spanish, but Basque, and Twitter is on fire with laughter.

If 2020 could not reach more incredible levels, we invite you to meet the actor of the Netflix ‘hit’ who has declared the unilateral independence of the Basque Country. Or the same is that it has become a mess with geography. Jacob Elordi The film has just been released on the streaming platformMy first kiss 2‘, sequel to teen success’My first kiss‘, where he plays a tough guy who falls in love with the’ nerd ‘of the institute. On the occasion of this new work, the actor (also seen in ‘Euphoria‘) has been interviewed by GQ magazine, who has tested him asking him to go undercover in social networks like Twitter or Reddit to see what users say about him.

But the curious thing has come while he took a look at his Wikipedia profile, where it reads: “Elordi was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on June 26, 1997, from John and Melissa Elordi. He is of Spanish descent.” When reading it, the actor frowns and clarifies that he is not of Spanish descent, but Basque. “It is this small place between France and Spain; my grandfather would strangle me if he knew that he put” Spanish “instead of” Basque “”, he assures, and proceeds to change it so that his biography of the truth of its origin is recorded. But, has anyone told the actor that, for the moment, the Basque Country is part of Spain? Is Elordi claiming the independence of the territory or is it genuinely thought to be a different country?

The full interview is on YouTube, but the tweeters have already taken care of viralize the exact moment:

Of course, Elordi’s grandfather will be able to sleep peacefully from now on knowing that, in the Wikipedia of his grandson, he clearly indicates that he is of Basque descent. And, incidentally, she has offered to Twitter a topic that is being meat of jokes, memes and obsessions, especially with that haircut that Crystal Methyd would be very proud of.


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