Jaguar Land Rover loses its case against Ineos, the Grenadier will be done

Jaguar Land Rover loses its case against Ineos, the Grenadier will be done

INEOS Grenadier

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INEOS Grenadier

Certainly the Grenadier looks like the Defender. But not enough to be banned.

Perhaps you immediately noticed the resemblance. A few days ago, we presented a new all-terrain vehicle called Ineos Grenadier, very clearly in the false air of Land Rover Defender. Not the last, but the historical model. Moreover, the similarity of looks has obviously also jumped to the eyes of Jaguar Land Rover who had decided to file a complaint against the newcomer.

But the Court of Justice which had been seized in England delivered its verdict. And name, despite the deep resemblance between the Grenadier and the former Defender, the law has established that this is not plagiarism.

L’Ineos Grenadier can therefore be produced and marketed as is from next year without being worried.

Similar, not equal

Granted, Ineos’ Grenadier looks a lot like the old Defender, but that can’t be enough to stop production of the English off-roader.

The English Court judge therefore ruled that although the typical shapes remained unchanged for almost 70 years, and were a marker of the old Defender, they cannot be protected by copyright.

More on the Ineos Grenadier:

Head of production

Meanwhile, at Ineos, the work never stopped. The Grenadier, developed with the help of Magna Steyr (who is responsible for the chassis and suspension), will make its market debut in 2021. BMW is also an integral part of the project, supplying the off-road engines.

But where will it be produced? It seems that Ineos is currently in the running for take over the Smart plant in Moselle, in France, from which Daimler wants to separate. If the deal actually goes through, this plant will be used in place of the old Ford plant in Bridgend, Wales.

But Ineos is also considering assigning pomegranate production to a second plant in Portugal, although it looks like the idea has been scrapped for now.


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