Jale, jealous when Musa pretends to go out to have fun; ‘Woman’

 Jale, jealous when Musa pretends to go out to have fun; 'Woman'

Summaries Woman: Musa pretends that she goes out to have fun with her friends and unleashes Jale's jealousy.

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Summaries Woman: Musa pretends that she goes out to have fun with her friends and unleashes Jale’s jealousy.


• Sarp is alive.

• Bahar and her children move to Hatice’s house.

After discovering that Sirin was Sarp’s lover, Yeliz does not hesitate to confront her: “How could you? I promise you, everyone will know what kind of psycho you are. ” The girl suffers a nervous breakdown. “I’m finished,” he repeats endlessly. Bersan gets angry with Ceyda when she advises him to forget about Arif and allow him to rebuild his life. As a consequence, he refuses to make her dresses for her performance at the nightclub where she is going to debut in a couple of days.

The symptoms of Bahar’s disease are becoming more and more frequent and he faints while cooking. Enver and Hatice worry. “I’m fine. I just have a little anemia ”, the woman lies when she regains consciousness.

For her part, Sirin witnesses the rapprochement between mother and daughter and becomes jealous. To make matters worse, Yeliz waits for her at the doors of the house and besieges her with questions about Sarp. “No, she is not alive. I sent myself the messages. If I have her mobile it is because she left it at the hotel where we met, ”she explains. Bahar’s co-workers help her when Sema, the shop manager, forces her to iron an order again.

At the exit, she is surprised to see that Arif has gone looking for her to take her to the hospital. Musa doesn’t know how to get Jale back and Enver advises her: “A marriage takes a lot of effort. Problems are not solved alone and less with a woman like her. Stop complaining and act ”. That same night, the official takes Bora with his wife, who is on duty at the hospital, to take care of him with the excuse that he has dinner.

Sirin turns Hatice against his daughter Bahar

Sirin manipulates Hatice into treating Bahar more harshly. In this way, the woman scolds her daughter for coming home late without knowing that she has been to the hospital, and does not allow her to enter. At dawn, Musa shows up at home and Jale is very upset. “I was with some friends from the university,” he lies because in fact he has spent the whole night sleeping in the car.

Ceyda goes to look for Bahar and is surprised to find Enver there. Knowing that he is a tailor, she convinces him to make two dresses for her performance.

Due to an indiscretion by the owner of a telephone store, Nissan’s mother and Doruk discover that Enver had Sarp’s mobile in his hands. Furious, she asks him for explanations. “After someone came to visit us, they left their phone on our door. Sirin found it and didn’t tell us until recently, ”says the man.

The next day, the young woman goes to see Arif and convinces him not to give her away: “Don’t tell my sister that I came this way. I am worried about her. When I met her, I treated her very badly and I want to make up for my mistakes. Now we have the opportunity to be a family ”.

Oblivious to this, Bahar receives bad news: the treatment is not working and the bone marrow transplant must be performed as soon as possible.

Hikmet regrets letting Ceyda go and seeks a rapprochement, but she rejects him. Later, she goes to pick up the dresses that Enver has made for her and as a thank you she invites him to the club.

Yeliz does not know how to handle all the information about Sarp and asks her husband for advice. “Forget this. Do not get involved in other people’s business ”, says this one.

Musa continues with her plan and this time she lies to Jale saying that she is going to a concert. The woman becomes jealous and suspects that he is cheating on her.

The day of Ceyda’s performance at a nightclub arrives and Enver comes to see her with Hatice. Bahar and Arif also accompany her. Nisan and Doruk are left in the care of Sirin and in her carelessness they take the opportunity to take her mobile and call her mother …


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