Joe Biden calls for unification of the country in his acceptance speech

Joe Biden calls for unification of the country in his acceptance speech

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WILMINGTON, Del. –Joe Biden vowed to unite a United States torn by crisis and contempt on Thursday night as he officially accepted the nomination as Democratic presidential candidate. He sets out again in search of the ultimate summit of a political career spanning more than three decades and marked by personal tragedies, political pitfalls and numerous vigorous adversaries.

“Here and now I give you my word, if you give me the presidency, I will take the best of us, not the worst,” said Joe Biden. I will be an ally of light, not of darkness. ”

“And don’t get me wrong, united we can overcome this era of darkness in America.”

The speech was the most important speech in the life of Joe Biden who, at 77, would become the oldest elected president if he manages to defeat Donald Trump next November. The Democratic convention, however, turned to the younger generation earlier in the evening to galvanize its broad coalition.

Tammy Duckworth, an Illinois senator who lost both legs in the Iraq war and who is raising two young children, said Joe Biden represented “decency.”

Cory Booker, the ninth African-American elected senator, argued that Joe Biden believes in the dignity of all American workers.

And Pete Buttigieg, an openly gay 38-year-old veteran, recalled that Joe Biden spoke in favor of same-sex marriage when he was vice president even before then-president Barack Obama did.

First and foremost, Mr. Biden focused on the goal of uniting the nation as Americans wage an uphill battle against COVID-19, in addition to the ensuing economic fallout and wake-up call. of the fight for racial justice. All this while incumbent President Donald Trump heightens emotions on both sides.

The positive tone of the Democratic candidate’s speech on Thursday evening marked a break with the warnings made by former President Barack Obama and other speakers the day before.

The 44th President of the United States had warned against the crumbling of American democracy if Mr. Trump was re-elected. Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, had also approached the racial issue from an angle that was inaccessible to him.

Throughout the Democratic convention, the party brandished the collective urgency to act against the dangers of re-electing Donald Trump as president. In 2016, the party had neglected and sometimes trivialized it as a threat. In the days leading up to Joe Biden’s official appointment, the Democratic Party attempted to portray the outgoing president as an existential threat to the country’s future.

Behind the staging leading up to candidate Biden’s highly anticipated speech, the broadcast of the virtual convention aimed to showcase the diversity of the party and state he intends to lead.

Steve Peoples et Alexandra Jaffe, The Associated Press


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