Jujuy began treatment of patients with coronavirus based on ibuprofenate

Jujuy began treatment of patients with coronavirus based on ibuprofenate

Oscar Orias Hospital, Jujuy. (Street view)

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Oscar Orias Hospital, Jujuy. (Street view)

The province of Jujuy began in one of its hospitals the treatment of patients with coronavirus based on ibuprofenate, an experimental procedure driven from a Cordovan laboratory.

The Jujuy Emergency Operations Committee (COE) reported this Tuesday night that the experience is taking place at the “Oscar Orías” hospital, in the town of Libertador General San Martín, where two patients had a “quick” recovery, according to the COE report.

The Committee’s coordinator, Omar Gutiérrez, indicated that “as well as with the treatments applied based on the plasma of recovered patients, new ones were sought with some evidence of their effectiveness.”

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In this context “is that treatment with ibuprofen, but what has a different formulation to the well-known “, explained Gutiérrez.

He added that a first experience is being developed in Libertador General San Martín and it is evaluated to begin to apply the treatment in other health centers where coronavirus patients are hospitalized.

“What is used is the chemically modified medicine to be nebulized and absorbed at the respiratory level, which is being applied, with prior consent, to patients with a moderate stage to avoid needing an artificial respirator, “explained the Coordinator.

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Spokespersons from the hospital explained that being treated “two patients with bilateral pneumonia demonstrated reliefor and recovered quickly “and this Wednesday they would be discharged. They indicated that the treatment is being applied preventively also in nurses of that hospital.

Jujuy registered 96 new cases of coronaviruses and the number of infected persons with domicile in the province amounts to 2,768; while five people died.

The COE also announced authorization to go hiking and jogging in the towns included in the “yellow zone”, the isolation remaining in phase 1 at the provincial level.

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