JXC, with Macri from France, criticized Kicillof’s quarantine and virtual sessions

JXC, with Macri from France, criticized Kicillof's quarantine and virtual sessions


It was one of the longest meetings: more than an hour and a half of Zoom between the main leaders of Together for Change, including the former president Mauricio Macri – from France – this morning. It is the national table of the opposition front that began to meet every Monday.

In a relaxed climate, there was broad agreement in criticizing the extension of social and compulsory isolation and a concern about the progress of the economy. There was talk of generating policy areas so that all workers can resume their activities without using public transport, and the judicial reform was discussed, where it was agreed to hold the rejection and criticism of both the expansion of the Supreme Court and the changes in the Procuratorate, in particular the attempt by the ruling party to displace its holder, Eduardo Casal.


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“Beyond some things that are said, we highlight the strong commitment to the unity of space,” they stated on the opposition front. In particular: several of them were upset with the media that have been highlighting the internal differences that many of them have. For this reason, from today three spokespersons were proposed for each meeting. In particular, the shared complaint: that on many occasions the issues evaluated and disseminated are neglected by the inmates or the crossings between leaders.

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In addition to Macri, they participated Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and Maria Eugenia Vidal; the president of the PRO, Patricia bullrich; the head of the block of Deputies, Cristian Ritondo and the senator from PRO Humberto Schiavoni. For the Civic Coalition, its president, Maximiliano Ferraro, the head of the block of Deputies, Juan Manuel Lopez and the provincial deputy, Maricel Etchecoin. And for the UCR, its head at the national level, Alfredo Cornejo, the head of the interblock of Deputies, Mario Negri and the senators Martin Lousteau and Luis Naidenoff.

“There is continuity and systematicity in the meetings and it allows us to discuss more issues and how decisions are made. This strengthens us, ”Bullrich told PROFILE after the virtual meeting.

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07_06_2020_Cedoc_Perfil_Together for change_Córdoba

In another section of the Zoom, it was agreed that crime rates are on the rise and that insecurity will become a central issue on the public agenda in the coming months. Bullrich and Ritondo, who dealt with the issue in the Nation and Province of Buenos Aires, respectively, supported this hypothesis.

Criticisms of the quarantine also rained, as is still being raised, especially from the Buenos Aires Government. “It is unsustainable”, said Cornejo in dialogue with PROFILE. The former Minister of Security and head of the national PRO agreed: “The quarantine is no more. The City Government had a different attitude than the Province of Buenos Aires ”.

The economy also sneaked into the meeting. There was also coincidence about the dire consequences of the post-pandemic: most of the indicators will not be good at all. In that sense, there was talk of looking for mechanisms so that, without using public transport because it is the focus of massive contagions, employees can return to their jobs.

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On the other hand, activity in Congress was one of the central axes: in particular, progress in judicial reform and the agenda that, as explained by Senators Schiavoni (PRO) and Naidenoff (UCR). In this sense, both expressed their concern about what they considered an “institutional outrage” in the case of Justice. In this sense, Cornejo expressed: “We believe that Cristina Kirchner is firm, she shows no desire to stop at anything.”

Patricia Bullrich, Alfredo Cornejo Maxi Ferraro 20200706

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Patricia Bullrich, Alfredo Cornejo Maxi Ferraro 20200706

In addition, there was talk of working on greater coordination between the blocks of Deputies and the Senate. It is that, for example, the Teleworking Law showed an interblock sector voting in favor in the Lower House and a rejection in the Upper House. Or requests for modification in the Senate of the budget expansion agreed by Together for the Change in Deputies.

As for the Lower House, at the virtual summit it was also decided that virtual meetings that were not previously agreed upon should not advance. “They can put us topics that we don’t want”, synthesized Bullrich.

For his part, Macri spoke about most of the issues and continued with his proposals on the need to think about the post-pandemic and the reactivation of the economy.



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