latest news of what happened in Lebanon

latest news of what happened in Lebanon

Lebanese authorities work in the blast zone in Beirut.

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Lebanese authorities work in the blast zone in Beirut.

At least two explosions and dozens of injuries are reported in a port of Beirut, capital of Lebanon, where authorities work to care for the wounded after a roar that shook various parts of the city, collapsed roofs and smashed windows, even miles away.

The explosion generated a large column of reddish colored smoke and a huge blast wave, which could be felt throughout the capital from several kilometers away.

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According to what was reported by the National News Agency (ANN), the explosion occurred in an explosives warehouse in the port of Beirut and was preceded by a fire in a port wheat silos hangar.

A photographer from The Associated Press near the port of Beirut, he witnessed people injured on the ground and widespread destruction in central Beirut.

Beirut declared “disaster zone”

The Lebanese High Defense Council declared the city of Beirut a “disaster zone” after the explosion that has already left 73 dead and 3,700 injured, as well as the destruction of much of the city’s port and buildings damaging it with rubble. , and broken doors and windows

The Council, which brings together the president, the prime minister and the defense minister, “recommends” the government to decree a state of emergency, according to the national information agency ANI. “A major catastrophe has affected Lebanon,” President Michel Aoun lamented at the start of the meeting.

Elements of the UN blue helmets are injured after explosion

Some members of the United Nations Peace Force in Lebanon (FINUL) were seriously injured by the large explosion in the port of Beirut, which affected one of their ships docked at the pier, the mission reported. He said that the peacekeeping mission is transferring the wounded blue helmets to the nearest hospitals for medical treatment.

“As a result of the large explosion that shook the port of Beirut this afternoon, one of the ships of the UNIFIL maritime force docked in the port was damaged, leaving some of the blue hulls injured, some of them seriously,” said the FINUL in a statement, without giving a figure.

Emmanuel Macron expressed condolences for the explosion

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, expressed “his fraternal solidarity” with the Lebanese people after the explosion that has left several dead and thousands injured.

“I express my fraternal solidarity with the Lebanese after the explosion that caused so many victims and damages this afternoon in Beirut. France is next to Lebanon. Always. French aid and resources are being delivered to the site,” the president said on Twitter.

Lebanon’s Prime Minister says “there will be punishment” for those responsible

The Lebanese Prime Minister, Hasan Diab, He promised today that those responsible for the great explosion in Beirut, reiterating that in addition to significant material damage, they will “pay the price” in a televised speech.

Diab He stated that “this catastrophe will not pass without responsibilities” and that doing justice is the work of the government. “This is a promise to the martyrs and the wounded,” he remarked and said that the facts regarding the dangerous warehouse that existed since 2014 “, without offering more details.

It’s a catastrophe in every way: Lebanese Health Minister

Health Minister Hamad Hassan said that there is a collapse of hospitals in Beirut after the explosions in that city, which has killed at least 50 people and more than 2,750 injured.

“It is a catastrophe in every way (…) The hospitals in the capital are all full of wounded“He stated before requesting that the transfer of other injured to health centers on the outskirts of the capital.

“I call on all friendly countries and brother countries that love Lebanon to stand by their side and help us heal our deep wounds,” said the prime minister. Hasan Diab.

At least 73 dead and 3,700 injured in explosions reported in Beirut

According to the latest record published by the AFP agency, who quotes a representative of the Lebanese Ministry of Health, the death toll from the explosions in that country’s capital increased by at least 73 people, while the injured reach 3,700. This balance is provisional, according to the director general of the ministry, Fadi Sanan.

For the moment, the authorities continue to work in the area while it has already fallen in the capital. The Lebanese government called on security forces to patrol the sites while authorities hold the Defense Council meeting.

We are in mourning, we will join in a campaign: President of the Lebanese Center in Mexico

In interview with MILENIO TelevisionAmin Saiden Caram, president of the Lebanese Center in Mexico, expressed his concern that mainly affects Beirut, stating that he contacted the country’s ambassador in Beirut, José Madrazo.

“We are going to organize a message of unity, of support, yes we are also in mourning for what is happening in our country since what Lebanon has today, because it is a situation, the truth, a perfect storm in the face of a financial and economic crisis, the issue of covid “.

“A very complicated situation that comes to culminate with this terrible event and of course we will be joining this mourning and also a major aid and support campaign for Lebanon“.

There are bodies on the floor, say witnesses

Local media have released images where some people are trapped in the rubble of the buildings, while some witnesses and survivors are still shocked.

“It is a catastrophe inside (the port). There are corpses on the floor. Ambulances take away the bodies“a soldier nearby told AFP.

“It felt like an earthquake and then a huge deflagration and the windows were broken,” said a Lebanese citizen in downtown Beirut.

At least 27 dead and more than 2,000 injured in explosions in Beirut

Lebanese Health Ministry authorities reported that there are currently at least 27 dead and 2,500 injured in the explosions in Beirut.

At the moment there is no official report on the origin of the outbreaks, while the authorities of the security and emergency forces are working to rescue those affected.

This is what the explosion in Beirut looked like: users share videos on networks

Images showing how the outbreaks occurred in the Beirut area were recorded on social networks, which have caused various damages for several kilometers around.

Look here as some users and the television stations themselves Locals caught the moment of the explosions.

Lebanese President Orders Armed Forces Patrols

Lebanese President Michel Aoun ordered the Armed Forces that carry out patrols in the zones most affected by the explosions that shook Beirut today, which has left dead, countless injuries and serious material damage.

The Lebanese presidency reported on Twitter that the head of state has asked the security forces to work to “deal with the consequences of the big explosion” and “conduct patrols in the disaster areas to maintain security.”

Trump government monitors explosions in Beirut

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany told the media that the United States is gathering information on the outbreaks in Lebanon.

“That was known when I was on my way here and it’s safe to say we are monitoring the situation“said the representative of the government of Donald Trump.

The State Department of the neighboring country said in a previous statement that it is “closely following reports of an explosion in Beirut”, where it is also being verified whether or not there are US citizens affected by the situation.

Lebanon decreed day of mourning over explosions in capital

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab decreed national mourning Wednesday for “the victims of the Beirut port explosion”.

Authorities are still working on the emergency caused by at least two explosions that shook the port of the Lebanese capital.

We are immersed in calls: President of the Lebanon Red Cross

The strong explosions that affected the port of Beirut have generated “deaths and injuries”, according to the report by the Lebanese national information agency.

For his part, Georges Kettaneh, the president of the Lebanese Red Cross, spoke of “hundreds of wounded” in a statement on Lebanese LBC television. “We are submerged by phone calls,” he said.

Lebanese President calls emergency meeting

Michel Aoun, Lebanese leader called his cabinet to an urgent meeting of the Defense Council due to the explosions in Beirut, which have caused damage to buildings and injured people. The Ministry of Health of that country asked the hospitals to attend to the injured in these health centers.

Report at least 10 dead after explosions

The Lebanese state news agency (NNA) and two sources of the security forces reported that the port area explosion left at least 10 dead and a large number of wounded. It was not immediately clear what caused the incident or what kind of explosives were in the area.

No report of injured Mexicans: Ebrard

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard reports through his Twitter account that There is no report of Mexicans injured by the explosions.

“There is no report of affected Mexicans, it has made known the solidarity and appreciation of Mexico to the Lebanese victims and authorities according to instructions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

Bursts were heard in different areas of Beirut

The outbursts whose origin was unknown at the moment, were heard in various sectors of the city and caused the breaking of glass in numerous buildings for several kilometers around. A column of orange smoke could be seen from afar.

The port sector was cordoned off by the security forces, which only allowed the civil defense to pass, in the midst of a transfer of ambulances and fire trucks.

Mexican diplomats are fine after explosion: ambassador to Lebanon

Through Twitter, the Mexican ambassador to Lebanon, José Madrazo, reported that the institution’s officials are well after the explosion, which he calculated to be around 10 kilometers.

“Tremendous explosion in the port of Beirut a few minutes ago. It was felt within a radius of more than 10 kilometers from the place where it happened. All the staff of the Mexican Embassy is fine. We are gathering more information.”

Lebanese Ministry of Health calls hospitals to receive wounded

The Health Ministry asked the hospitals “to receive the wounded at the expense of the Ministry,” in a brief statement released on its official Facebook account, and the Lebanese Red Cross is calling on its collaborators to mobilize urgently.

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