Lebanese High Defense Council declares Beirut as a “disaster area” after explosions in port

Lebanese High Defense Council declares Beirut as a

Photo: Reuters

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Photo: Reuters

Beirut is a “disaster area,” announced Tuesday the Lebanese High Defense Council, after huge explosions that shook the port of the capital and caused damage of unprecedented magnitude in all neighborhoods of the city.

The Council, which brings together the president, the prime minister and the defense minister, “recommends” the government to decree the State of Emergency, according to the national information agency ANI. “A major catastrophe has affected Lebanon,” President Michel Aoun lamented at the start of the meeting.

“It is a catastrophe in every way,” lamented the Health Minister, Hamad Hassan, when questioned on television when visiting a hospital. “The hospitals in the capital are all full of wounded”, he stressed, before requesting that others affected be transferred to centers Hospitals on the outskirts of the city.

Explosion in Beirut: The images that marked the emergency in Lebanon

Before, the director general of General Security, Abas Ibrahim |, had said that the explosions could be due to “highly explosive materials confiscated for years,” but added that lThe investigation will determine the “exact nature of the incident”.

“I call on all friendly countries and brother countries that love Lebanon to stand by their side and help us heal our deep wounds,” said the prime minister, Hassan Diab.

Soldiers from the UN mission in Lebanon (Finul), whose ship was anchored in the port of Beirut, were seriously injured, Finul announced Tuesday night.

The injured seafarers, “some of whom were seriously injured”, were evacuated to “the nearest hospitals”. No information was provided on the identity and nationality of the victims. “We are with the people and the Lebanese government … and ready to provide assistance,” added the mission.


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