Lebanese President Aoun rejects international investigation

Lebanese President Aoun rejects international investigation

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Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Friday rejected any international investigation into the terrible double explosion at the port of Beirut, which left more than 150 dead, believing it would only dilute the truth.

Asked by a journalist who asked him if he thought that an international investigation would amount to “diluting the truth”, the Head of State replied “of course”.

The president’s official Twitter account then repeated that according to Aoun, an international investigation “would dilute the truth.”

The Lebanese president made these remarks the day after his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, called for a “transparent” international investigation during his visit to Beirut.

The explosion in the port of Beirut on Tuesday left more than 150 dead and 5,000 injured. It was caused by several tons of ammonium nitrate stored for six years in a warehouse “without precautionary measures”, according to the Prime Minister himself.

On Friday, Mr. Aoun assured that he had been informed of this shipment on July 20 and that he had contacted the Secretary General of the Superior Council of Defense to do the necessary.

Faced with the outrage, the authorities want to show that they are active on the file. A judicial source on Friday reported five new arrests among customs and port officials, including engineers, bringing the total number of people in pre-trial detention to 21.

“In the face of justice, there is no big or small who cannot be targeted,” Aoun assured Friday.


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