‘Life goes on’, new criticisms of Bolsonaro

'Life goes on', new criticisms of Bolsonaro

Coronavirus: 'Life goes on', new criticism of Bolsonaro

Coronavirus: ‘Life goes on’, new criticism of Bolsonaro

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 07 – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has once again come under fire for having invited the population to “go on with their lives”. At a time when Brazil is approaching 100,000 coronavirus deaths.

Bolsonaro, reports the Guardian, said during a weekly broadcast on social media: “I’m sorry for all the dead. But let’s move on with our lives and find a way to deal with this problem.”

He was echoed by the interim health minister, Army General Eduardo Pazuello (the third, after the first two left the scene), comparing the coronavirus pandemic to HIV: “HIV continues to exist. Most HIV-positive people are treated and life goes on. And it will be the same with the coronavirus. “

Bolsonaro’s comments caused immediate outrage. “Your contempt for life is loathsome,” tweeted leftist Senator Weverton Rocha.

Bolsonaro’s handling of the emergency has been criticized internationally for his attitude which in fact discouraged social distancing. Yet polls suggest that this line has not yet substantially dented its popularity. (HANDLE).


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