madly in love with Australia, he plans to leave everything to settle there

madly in love with Australia, he plans to leave everything to settle there

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Zac Efron is in love, however the chosen one of his heart is not a girl … but a city!

TMZ claims the ‘The Greatest Showman’ star is indeed keen to move to Australia after being wowed by the city of Byron Bay, also adding that the actor isn’t at all worried about leaving the States- United. According to the American media, Zac thinks he can continue to work thanks to Zoom or FaceTime.

A decision not surprisingly since the actor had recently admitted that Australia had stolen his heart on his first visit.

Speaking about the sequel to the movie ‘Baywatch: Alert in Malibu’, he shared, “I fell in love with Australia and the fans who live there, the people, the culture, the beach. feels like it’s kind of my bay, so I love the idea of ​​shooting that second movie here. ”

The star also confessed to having made many friends in this country during former press tours, explaining: “As soon as I went for a preview, I went out for a walk and I made very good myself. friends over the years. I also go there when I have free time. ”

In addition, Zac recently confided that Leonardo DiCaprio taught him how to manage stardom and gave him valuable advice from actor to actor.

Speaking about their first meeting at a basketball game, the ‘Baywatch’ star recalled, “I was waiting for him to say something and he said to me, ‘Hey, you want us to meet up for breakfast tomorrow? ‘ And I said, ‘Absolutely.’ He wrote his number down and handed it to me when the other team scored a basket, so nobody noticed. ”


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