McDonald’s red light scandal. The giant is suing former CEO Easterbrooks

 McDonald's red light scandal. The giant is suing former CEO Easterbrooks

Steve Easterbrook, ex CEO di McDonald's

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Steve Easterbrook, ex CEO di McDonald’s

McDonald’s scende in campo. On the battlefield. Against none other than his former CEO, Steve Easterbrook. And behind this lawsuit that could bring the fast-food giant millions of dollars, there is one red light scandal.

The former CEO was forced to resign last November after the company discovered that the 53-year-old Briton had lied about his inappropriate behavior. The initial accusation was of having had a consensual relationship with an employee, against the ethics of the company. But his position was aggravated when it was discovered that the sexual relations were at least four.



An internal investigation was then opened, hot photos of women – including office workers – were found in his company mail and a “bonus bonus” worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, donated to one of the employees with whom Easterbrok he had had sexual intercourse.

McDonald’s is now taking him to court and wants the approximately $ 40 million back (around 34 million euros) that the multinational had given Easterbrook as a severance pay.


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