‘Messi lacks leadership’

'Messi lacks leadership'


HeBarcelona is living key moments for his future after the humiliation against Bayern Munich in the Quarterfinals of the Champions LeagueIn that sense, Hugo Sánchez assured that the decline of the Blaugrana team is due to a lack of leadership from both the president and Lionel Messi himself.

“There are many doubts in Barcelona due to the lack of leadership from the president and from Lionel himself. Messi He is a leader, but not to the degree that he makes the fundamental decisions regarding sports matters, ”Sánchez told ESPN.

Messi in goal regret

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Messi in goal regret

The former Real Madrid player also spoke of the Argentine’s possible departure, as he said that anything could happen to Messi this summer.

“There is no guarantee and assurance that Messi will continue next season, if a team wants to take over Messi it has to pay 700 million euros, which is the clause it has, but if Messi holds on for another year, he will surely do so. , obviously he will want to surround himself with trustworthy people and Neymar is one of them, so there is a lot of talk that Griezmann could be a bargaining chip with him PSG, to change with Neymar, but there is much speculation, “he concluded.


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