Michael Jordan’s Mercedes-Benz S600 for sale!

Michael Jordan's Mercedes-Benz S600 for sale!

Michael Jordan's Mercedes-Benz S600 Front

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Michael Jordan’s Mercedes-Benz S600 Front

Access the legend Michael Jordan!

If you are interested in the sport, even from afar, you will recognize that one name dominated the 90s. It is the famous basketball player Michael Jordan, so popular with the Chicago Bulls that other teams in the NBA have withdrawn his number 23.

The Bulls won six championships to close the decade; and the champion’s story was recently the subject of a ten-part event documentary titled The Last Dance on Netflix. So the Grail for unconditional basketball fans is to afford an object that belonged to him. This is the case with one of his cars currently on sale!

This 1996 Mercedes-Benz S600 is available on the site Beverlyhillscarclub.com, and is in itself a perfect example of trendy ’90s luxury in Stuttgart. As you can imagine, this is a V12 model with a 6.0 liter engine producing just under 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts). But it’s not a standard S600: the well-known Mercedes tuner Lorinser has been there, adding a body kit to this S600 Coupé. The exhaust system also appears to have been improved, although details are not listed.

Photo Credit: Beverly Hills Car Club

Of course, all that makes this car so charming is that it belonged to Mr. Jordan. In the ad we can see a copy of the registration certificate with his name, while the digital display of the S600 phone above the air conditioning vents also shows the name Jordan. The people who saw The Last Dance might even recognize the car, as it made an appearance in the documentary in archive footage.

So how much will it cost you to gift yourself this piece of Jordan’s history? It appears to be in excellent condition, with just over 157,000 miles on the odometer (252,667 km). According to Kelley Blue Book’s estimate, such a Mercedes has an average selling price of around $ 3,500, the current equivalent of € 3,000. But the fact of her pedigree, she will undoubtedly be bought much more expensive.

Unfortunately, no price is mentioned, hence the mystery. What is the value of an item that belonged to Michael Jordan to fans or collectors? It is undoubtedly without limit!

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Source: Beverly Hills Car Club


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