Migrant amnesty, Bellanova against Meloni: “Recover humanity …”

Migrant amnesty, Bellanova against Meloni:


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Botta and response between Teresa Bellanova e Giorgia Meloni. The reason for the clash? The migration crisis and, specifically, the sanatoriums of immigrants irregular very strongly desired in recent months by the Renzian Minister of Agriculture.

The government representative of Italia Viva, in fact, even threatened to resign if the Giallorossi majority had not approved the measure, to protect – according to him – the workers and agricultural workers (but not only) who was the victim of a caporalato. The results were certainly not exciting, indeed.

Well, in the last few days – moreover in times when theimmigration returns to be an even more serious problem: in summer, like every year, the landings (“ghost” and not) multiply – the Democratic Party has returned to office invoking an ancient workhorse, for a long time shelved, but never forgotten by dem: lo ius soli.

Here, the political leader of Brothers of Italy he bitterly criticizes both the Democratic Party and the Giallorossi as a whole for returning to talk, especially in these times, of Ius Soli. “Italy collapses between businesses and Italians on their knees, continuous landings and immigrants fleeing quarantine (many positive at Covid-19) … and what does the Democratic Party think about? Ius Soli …”, the first lunge of Giorgia Meloni. But the founder of FdI did not spare a further arrow from the head of agriculture, labeling it as “useless“the amnesty desired by Renziana:” Bellanova’s useless amnesty was not enough, the only result of which – as we had foreseen – was to encourage landings, the government left pushes for Italy to officially become the refugee camp of Europe”.

Finally, at the end of a post published on their social profiles, Giorgia Meloni said: “We will make the barricades to stop the immigration rampage and anti-Italian of the left and to give our nation a government that has Italy and the Italians as its priority “.

The words of the number one of FdI did not go unnoticed and a few hours later came the spicy reply of the direct interest, which invited Giorgia Meloni to “recover some humanity“To be exact, here is Bellanova’s answer:” Meloni must recover a little humanity, because this is a country that welcomes and we must avoid carrying on a propaganda that brings tensions and confusions and above all does not help people to live in a civilized way … “.

Ended here? Nah. While visiting Guardia Sanframondi, Teresa Bellanova wanted to regain the dose, also bringing up Matteo Salvini: “They discussed a lot about my emotion, but they didn’t discuss the strength and the ideas we put in place, because Italy is a country that knows how to welcome, Italy is a country that returns to Europe and says it has to manage together the flow of migrants, who will not be stopped by the chatter of Meloni, neither of Salvini, nor of others … “. The clash has served.


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