Mijares reappears with ‘Covid look’ and splits opinions on the networks

Mijares reappears with 'Covid look' and splits opinions on the networks

Manuel Mijares Show.

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Manuel Mijares Show.

This weekend, the first virtual concert of Mijares , who, in the company of several celebrities, pleased his followers with his greatest hits via streaming. For more than two hours the singer gave pleasure to his fans by reviewing his iconic songs, however, it was not precisely because of the show that the name of the interpreter of “Soldier of Love” managed to place himself among the trends in social networks, but for its look.

For several hours #Mijares was a trend on Twitter thanks to the hundreds of users who pointed out that Lucero’s ex had gained weight and had neglected his hair and beard. In fact, the singer took the time to joke about his appearance during the virtual concert. ‘It’s the Covid look!’ Said Isabel Lascurain between the smiles of her sister Maite and her friend Fernanda before interpreting “How is my love going” with Manuel. ‘I didn’t find open aesthetics!’, Mijares defended himself also smiling. Despite some criticism, his true fans did not hesitate to defend the interpreter asking that they not make hurtful comments and highlighting that the singer has obviously not been able to perform physical activity during social isolation. “The pandemic still continues, we have been in custody for five months, some will have left because they have to work, but I think it is important that we know that we can stay at home, let’s do it,” said the singer during the show.

A few days ago during a talk with the journalist Luis Magana , the famous singer shared some aspects of his family life and his fatherhood: “There is no manual of being a father because it depends on your personality, in this case Lucerito and Beba’s personality as well as José’s, so it is nothing written, ”he declared. The revelations of Mijares They surprised his followers on social networks, as the singer exhibited what Lucero is like as a mother: “I am a little more, I feel, boat. Lucero she’s a little stricter with them. ‘ In addition, she took the opportunity to talk about one of the traits that best defines her children. “They both have a personality that adapts very well, they value life, family, which is very important … they value being in the company of their friends, their family, their mother, their father,” she said.

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